Student Learning Is Being Revolutionized With Platform’s Like Class Dojo

In today’s day and age, there are handfuls of children out there that are having a difficult time throughout the schooling process, either struggling to learn or fit into the environment. Students like these really need the support and encouragement from their peers as well as parents and teachers, to help them feel comfortable and confident in themselves and their abilities. If schooling is a negative experience for a child, they will not want to perform to their best, nor will they even want to complete school in time.

Class Dojo is an educational platform that was introduced to the market in 2011, and goes a long way at improving these conditions for students in school. The main improvement this program makes is improving on the existed communication methods greatly between students, teachers, and parents. With more involvement from their parents, and more engagement from their teachers and classroom, students will learn to the best of their ability and actually want to get involved with their schooling communities. One of Class Dojo’s main goals is to improve the quality of education for students around the globe.

Since first launching their platform, Class Dojo has managed to expand and find quite a bit of success, as there were really no other competitors in the market doing exactly what they were when they started. Now, more than two thirds of all Untied States schools are taking use of the Class Dojo program. This program even came out with its own growth mindset videos, which is a series that was developed to teach students key life and learning principles to make school easier. These videos were even monitored by the University of Stanford to see how they were received by the public and how to improve them. The continuance of these videos is dependent on the demand for them from their consumers.

Class Dojo has been free ever since it was released, and it will remain free for as long as people continue to use it. It is very easy to use for people of all ages, and participation is as easy as asking for an invite from a students classroom teacher. Class Dojo provides a much needed increase in communication that is going a long way in making education better for students around the world with more positive school environments.

What to Consider when Hiring an Event Planner

Hiring an event planner can be a daunting task if you don’t know how to screen them. Here are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself first:


What is the event objective?


Many individuals believe that hiring an outside caterer or event planner begins by determining one’s budget. The truth of the matter is that it will be helpful if you started by defining the purpose of the event. Note down the important goals that the event should meet before reaching out to that internal or external resource.


Why do you want to hire an event planner?


It is good to ask yourself what services and activities you would like the event planner to handle for you. Is it selecting the venue? Building menus? Or handling event registration?


What is your budget estimate?


Based on the objective of your event, it is possible to have a general idea of how much you will spend on different elements of your program. For instance, do not plan a champagne event based on a beer budget.


While sourcing for the best event planning companies in NYC, it is good to research and find someone who is qualified and has a strong reputation in the event planning industry.


About Twenty Three Layers


Twenty Three Layers is one of the event planners in NYC that offers full-service event design and planning. They have creative and energetic minds that will outshine even the most beaming vision of your next event organizer. Whether you are looking for a glamorous personal celebration or stylish corporate function, our extraordinary attention to detail coupled with our steady demand for perfection will blow you away.


Twenty Three Layers boasts of coveted relationships with the most exclusive establishments as well as the most sought-after vendors. You will have a fun, worry-free and unmatched experience while planning your event with us. We combine creative inspiration and seasoned knowledge to give our clients memorable events that reflect current and best trends in entertainment, décor, and food. For weddings, galas, corporate functions and charitable gatherings, Twenty Three Layers is your go-to premier event planner in NYC and beyond.

The Investment Banking Firm for All Corporations

Did you know that one of the top investment banking firms is Madison Street Capital? This international firm is focused on serving people as well as serving the corporation. The corporate advisory for financial services is a big job, but not all investment banking firms are created equal. These financial services are offered for both private and public companies, and it’s only a matter of time until more corporations are using their services.


Corporate finance can be time sensitive, and it’s important to create the atmosphere where the clients and the corporation win. It is with utmost importance to respond quickly and with the right information when a company is working on developing it’s financial plan and wealth strategies. The methods used by MSC are intended to attack any financial challenges head on and with tenacity to accomplish the greater good. Whether the corporation is focused on mergers and acquisitions, buyouts, or wealth planning it is important that a valuation is done properly and in a timely fashion in order to reach the long-term goals of the corporation. This also includes deal structuring that fosters growth and expansion with great care.


MSC has helped thousands of clients in the following areas including:


  • Bankruptcy
  • Private placement
  • Capital restructuring
  • Buyouts
  • ESOP advisory
  • Reorganization


There is a specific methodology that has proven to be effective in working with corporate financial structure, and it is widely known that MSC is the first investment banking firm of choice. As MSC knows all too well, it’s about starting off right with an appropriate and accurate valuation for the corporation. It’s vital that the corporation have an estimated value that makes sense, and it’s important to comply with tax principles for good business.


Additionally, financial reporting is also important, and that is one of the main reasons a valuation should be done first. In fact, valuations have been done by angel investors before businesses launch, for the purpose of knowing and understanding how the financial investment can best be utilized and where purchasing may be the strongest.


Purchase price allocations, share based compensation, structured finance products, and more are all a part of the big picture when it come to planning ahead for the financial health of a corporation and the long-term vision. This is why so many have chosen to work with this international investment banking firm in America and abroad. The Madison Street Capital reputation has a lot riding on it, and this is why MSC works hard to build relationships with every client.


FreedomPop Has Several Ways Of Helping Their Customers Save Money

Even people who have been with a wireless provider for years may finally want to make the switch to another phone company after some time. The reason why they may want to switch is because their current wireless provider may have raised their rates, or they may just be sick and tired of being held to a contract by their company. FreedomPop doesn’t have contracts, which is why a lot of people now choose them as their wireless company. FreedomPop is happy to be a contract-free company, and they are even happier that they can offer low prices to their customers.

As of 2016, the services shown in a past FreedomPop review have been updated, especially the free service, so those who used to only get 500 free text messages will now have unlimited text messages. There is still 200 minutes of talk time and also 200 MB of data. The data that is included with the free plan can always be extended to a higher amount, depending on if the FreedomPop customer completes any offers or does other things that are necessary to get free data. It’s also possible to pay for extra data at the price of two cents per megabyte.

Anyone who feels that paying per megabyte after their free data is used up is going to be too much for them, they are encouraged to use Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet. It’s even possible to use Wi-Fi service completely to have free service from FreedomPop, and this option is only a five-dollar monthly charge. With the Wi-Fi service option, the user will be able to make phone calls through Wi-Fi, send text messages over Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi will be used to give them data as well. The Wi-Fi service is also unlimited.

Not everyone is going to be a fan of the free cell phone service, so FreedomPop is also offering the unlimited service for $19.99. With the unlimited service, there is no data limit, just a limit on the amount of 4G LTE data that’s given, which is 1 GB. Unlimited 3G data is provided to every customer who has the unlimited plan after they’ve used their 4G data. The great thing about the FreedomPop unlimited plan is that it’s at least $30 cheaper than what most other companies want to charge for the same plan, so this benefits the FreedomPop customers.

Money Saving with Gooee LED Lighting

LED lighting is a great way for you to save lots of money for yourself and for your family. Gooee is one of the best companies for you to choose when it comes to getting LED lighting for the home. More and more people are realizing that this type of lighting is a great choice for them and their families because it allows them to save tons of money in the long run without having to deal with those High electric bills that are becoming to cost for them and their loved ones.

It is a good idea for you to consider working with the company known as Gooee because they are one of the top when it comes to offering great quality LED lighting for people who are in need of it. It is also important to know that LED lighting can be incredibly easy for you to install on your own without having to get an electrician in to do all the jobs for you. Gooee will have a variety of different options available to you when it comes to your brand new LED lighting for the home and this can make it incredibly easy for you to do something that is going to work well for you and your loved ones while also being a more cost-effective option that you will find to be incredibly beneficial for the bill that you receive each month. You can save a lot when switching to Gooee LED lighting right in your home or even the office that you currently own.

John Goullet’s Major Move

John Goullet is a very successful entrepreneur that is steadily gaining more notoriety and credibility for his skills and talents in business circles across the world. Recently, the Principle of Divergent Info Technologies with Divergent. This was a very important step for the knowledgeable business personality. John Goullet is admired by others in the IT sector because of his vast knowledge. In fact, this entrepreneur started his career in IT Staffing. It was the knowledge that he gained in this sector that helped him to achieve subsequent goals in the IT Industry.

About John Goullet
Goullet is a mastermind in the IT sector. Currently, he serves as the Principle of DIVERSANT, LLC. Certainly, his rise up the success ladder was expected by his colleagues and associates. Goullet had a very interesting beginning that prepared him for future success. His career started out back in 1994. During that time John Goullet started Info Technologies, Inc. He held the position of Chief Executive Officer with the organization. He started with the company in a consultant capacity. Later on, he moved to a staffing position with the organization.

Certainly, the main focus of Goullet’s first enterprise was to carefully study, analyze, and understand the corporate climate at that time. In addition, they analyzed the specific staffing requirements required in corporate structures that proved a successful match. Info Technologies reached the heights of success. The organization was also written about in leading magazines like Inc. and more. Today, the organization has merged with DIVERSANT, LLC.

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What Jason Halpern Does

What are ethics? What does it mean to be a good person? These are questions that we may ask ourselves frequently. When we rest our head on our pillow at night, we want to be able to tell ourselves that we truly are doing good for the betterment of humanity. When we walk out into the world, there is so much evil that we need to combat. But then there is also good. There are people out there who are fighting for what is right. They are striving to help others. Among them is Mr. Jason Halpern, whose pursuits have helped people all around the world.


The Water Crisis

We may take water as something that is for granted in the western world. If you turn the lever on your sink, water will come pouring out. You may not want to drink tap water on a regular basis, but there are very simple ways to clean the water so that it will not harm you. Unfortunately, for people all around the world, clean water is not something that is taken for granted. Clean water is a foreign thought, something that they come across once in a lifetime.

Some of the factors that have led to this crisis could be the overall climate, the depletion of natural resources, poverty, and so on. But even if we are focused on combatting the root of the problem, there are still people in the world who are dying of dehydration, a thought that seems so bizarre to westerners. After all, any time we are just a little hungry or a little thirsty, we may say something like, “I am starving,” or “I am dying of thirst.” It is difficult to emphasize with that very real problem.

But Jason Halpern does empathize with it. Halpern has made valiant efforts to provide clean, drinkable water to people in poor nations who do not have any. Children who go to sleep thirsty, who wake up thirsty, will be quenched as a result of the good work of Mr. Halpern. Parents who go to sleep weeping and wake up weeping because they cannot provide for their children will feel a smile curling their cheeks as they see their little ones drinking their fill because of what Jason Halpern provided.


What Jason Halpern Proves

Jason Halpern is an expert in real estate. He is a successful man. What he proves is that people can do good with limited time and limited resources. Halpern could stay home, reading a book or enjoying his hobbies. Instead, he spends his extra time providing clean, drinkable water to children who need it, partnering with groups such as Relief Society of Tigray and Splash.


Keith Mann- Founder and CEO of Dynamics Executive Search

Keith Mann has been in the executive search world for over fifteen years. He is an expert in staffing and hiring strategy, as well as hedge fund compensation. He started his first business in 2002 where he identified the hedge fund industry as a rapidly growing market. Keith Mann expanded his business in 2006 into the private equity industry. In 2009 he started Dynamics Executive Search and broadened his business as a premier executive search firm. His responsibility to his clients include hiring investment, marketing and internal strategy professionals to join the client’s existing teams, as well as creating new platforms. Keith has firms in the United States, Europe and Asia.

In an interview with Idea Mensch Keith said that one of the things that makes him more productive as an entrepreneur is a morning workout. It keeps him focused and motivated. The aspect he likes best about his company is finding the need in the industry and fulfilling it. He likes the diversity of his job and finds it exciting. Things that have taught him the most in his life were having the “worst” job when he was working as a trading assistant for a large bank. He learned quickly that he wanted to be his own boss. As an entrepreneur he learned that asking for help is key and to trust your gut with the first decision that you make. He also learned that incorporating technology in every aspect of his business was very important. He’s a big fan of Google products and says LinkedIn is essential in his industry. Keith’s other technology choices he considers his “secret sauce” and won’t disclose those. He says the person that influenced him most is Michael Bloomberg and the book he would recommend to entrepreneurs is “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman. Most importantly he says that if he had to start over, he wouldn’t change a thing and doesn’t consider anything that has happened in his business life a “failure.”

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Naomi Campbell Still Keeps Tyra Banks On Her Toes

The well known tension of the two super models have made a return to the headlines. Tyra Banks recently admitted that she feels “very threatened” of the ebony goddess Naomi Campbell. In Paris, Tyra felt that she did very well but then all of the praise and attention was diverted towards Naomi Campbell.

The press has always considered Naomi and Tyra to be rivals even though they have never formally met before. It used to be considered that 1/10 successful super models are black. Tyra Banks claims that she feels Naomi is that one successful black girl and she is not. Both of these women have had to overcome racism from within the fashion industry. Some events would only want one black model in their runway and would leave the other out to dry.

Naomi Elaine Campbell is a famous black model from the United Kingdom. She had started her career at the age of 15 and is one of the most famous models during the 1980’s and 1990’s. She has also dabbled in other ventures such as producing her R&B-pop album and appearing in many television programs and movies. She has been featured in the modelling competition reality show The Face as well as similar spin-offs from around the world.

Naomi has been involved with various charity groups and has founded her own called We Love Brazil in 2005. Her charity is dedicated towards ending poverty in Brazil by selling the fabrics made by Brazilian women. In 2007, she was named an ambassador of Rio de Janeiro due to her charity efforts for Brazil.

More on Naomi:

Fans can’t get over how different Naomi Campbell looks as she strips off for sexy new campaign

InnovaCare Health Implements New Strategies That Will Push For Growth

In the new age where companies are fighting to clinch the top spot in the market, creative ways of serving clients have been embraced. More companies have come up with measures that have been directed at enhancing the service delivery system with focus on cost-effectiveness and efficiency. The healthcare industry on withknown.comhas grown over the years with new players that are more focused to delivering a better experience offering stiff competition.

InnovaCare Health is among companies that have been highlighted in the managed healthcare sector for instituting new strategies that are working in favor of customers. Across the entire Puerto Rico region, InnovaCare Health has been ranked as the best company when it comes to offering physician practice services. Through the integration of the system of serving clients with new technology, the company has been able to eliminate the challenges that prevail in the service delivery process.

Recent reports show that InnovaCare Health has experienced a growth in number of clients who order Medicare Advantage services. About ten years ago, the company served less than 10,000 customers but today the number has increased to more than 200,000. These changes are attributed to the change in the system the company has embraced, specifically the integration of technology that has brought about cost-effectiveness.

Read more: Penelope Kokkinides – Chief Operating Officer @ InnovaCare Health …

New hiring season
Additionally, InnovaCare Health has hired new professionals to various executive positions, who have helped in the drafting and implementation of vital plans. Jonathan Meyers, appointed to head the actuarial department, brought to the company exceptional skills that will add on to the great strategies laid for prosperity. He boasts of experience working on the Medicare program and he is confident that his contribution will streamline the services offered in that category.

Also among professionals hired to work at InnovaCare Health is Mike Sortino, who comes out as an experienced accountant. Having worked with renowned companies like HCC Specialty, Mike Sortino will head the accounting and finance departments to transform the management of projects initiated by the company.

Successful leadership
To understand the core driving force that has led InnovaCare Heath to become great, it is vital to look at the leaders behind the process. Dr. Rick Shinto has steered the company as the CEO and is the brain behind many programs including hiring new executives to various positions.

With support from Penelope Kokkinides, he has managed to steer the company to become the most preferred choice in Puerto Rico. Penelope Kokkinides is the acting Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health.