Meeting Someone On Skout Is Less Awkward

If you see someone in public that you find attractive, have you ever tried winking at them? It is definitely a bold move when you do not know the person that you are winking at. Winking is how people show their appreciation for another person. It is also what you do when you like someone that you see on Skout’s app. Skout’s app is a great way to meet new people that might have similar interests as yourself. You will meet so many interesting people on Skout that are ready to chat about their interests. If you hit it off with someone special on Skout, it is easy to set up a time and place to safely meet by using the messenger feature on Skout’s app.

No More Awkward Introductions

One of the more frustrating aspects of making new friends for me in real life has always been the awkward introductions that we have to make. We have to think of some reason to talk to someone in public, or we have to come up with some commonality that justifies us speaking to this other person. It can feel incredibly awkward to navigate through these interactions. However, Skout has made this whole awkward introductions idea a way of the past. You can sign up for Skout for free, and you will not have to go through those stressful introductions ever again.

When I meet someone on Skout that I want to meet in person, I agree to meet in person after talking to them on the messenger for a little while and getting comfortable. When you meet this person that you have been talking to it feels so great to finally see their face. The best part is that you already know some things about this person before meeting them offline, so you will likely have an easier time talking to them about their interests and yours. There is a fantastic article published by Adweek about this social media platform and its features. You can read the article about Skout’s features.

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George Soros Suggests 34 Billion Dollars Could Fix EU Refugee Crisis

David Reid of CNBC shared with his readers on the highlights of George Soros Better Plan for Refugees. Mr. Soros has shared his view on the crises in the UE in many of his essays. In an interview with Gregor Peter Schmitz of WirtschaftsWoche magazine, Mr. George Soros commended German Chancellor Angela Merkel for recognizing that the migration crisis having the potential to destroy the EU. He identified the crises as the debt problem in Greece which is now a holding spot for refugees, dealing with Russia and the Ukraine, the migration crisis and a potential British referendum of possibly withdrawing from the EU.

One of the highlights included in the CNBC recount is the potential for a catastrophe in Greece. Illegal refugees that fee the Middle East and Africa and cross into Europe are being returned to Turkey and for every person sent back, the EU will accept on Syrian refugee that is currently in a Turkish camp. George Soros suggested in his essay “The Case For Surge Funding,” that funding a large scale program to address the problem would be reassuring to both citizens and refugees rather than breeding panic. George Soros continues along this line by expanding on migration reforms that offers support both for the refugees seeking asylum as well as European communities and their citizens.

The $34 billion that is recommended is to enact a comprehensive plan on that provide adequate funding to maintain the large refugee population, creating a common EU asylum agency and address the humanitarian chaos in Greece as well as establish a process for the EU to receive and integrate refugees. Without such an effort the 26 European States may close their borders resulting in an end to the Schengen system. Mutual agreement among the member states could have a positive outcome for both the refugees and the countries that will improve economic, political and social dynamics. Mr. George Soros sees the solution to the problem of raising funds as generating the necessary political will. He feels that the solution lies in funding the front line countries with bonds backed by the EU’s AAA credit rating , as governments have done throughout history.

In the EU collapse interview published in January, Mr. Soros stated the need for a European asylum policy and a comprehensive plan. His outline of the plan included that asylum seekers reach Europe in a safe, orderly process at a pace the EU’s ability to absorb then. He is revealing more and more details of a workable plan to extend humanitarian support of those fleeing unimaginable circumstances. The crisis should be viewed as a global problem rather than an EU problem because many nations contributed to it and effectively solving the problem will have global consequences. It can be viewed as the evolution of man on a global scale and offers the world a chance to unite under the banner of human rights and a minimum standard of living for all. It also requires a legitimate desire to be a beacon and shining example of helping others to live the dream. It would also be a tragedy to flee oppression in your home land to find it in another.

Venezuelan Citizens Look to Push Out Current President

In Caracas and other key areas of Venezuela, opponents of current Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduros joined together to rally support for a referendum. A referendum would result in the President’s term being shortened. This opposition comes from citizens that are mostly moderate right-wingers.
RNCelinea reports that the leaders of the opposition cite the recent economic crisis as a key reason for their dislike of sitting president Maduros. The backlash began strongly in January when these opponents promised to push President Maduros out of office.

A major problem the opposition faces is that the process of a referendum is the responsibility of the National Election Board and many claim that this is controlled by people aligned with the President. Due to this dilemma, those leading the opposition have began to seek alternate ways to push Maduros out. One of these alternative methods is to attempt to push a bill through the country’s legislative system that would end Maduro’s term.

All of the available methods for ousting President Maduros seem to run into road blocks. The problem with attempting to push a bill that would end the term short is that the President appeal to the Supreme Court and block the bill, something which he has already done.

While the opposition has been very vocal, many people in the country still support the President and are doing things to rally support behind him. A major divide exist within the country.

Coriant Makes A Wise New CEO Selection

Coriant is a company that supplies innovative networking solutions to leading network operators in over 100 different countries. This week Coriant has appointed Shaygan Kheradpir as the new Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Kheradpir not only holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University but has also earned a master’s and doctorate degree as well. Shaygan Kheradpir first began his career in communications with GTE in 1987. During his time with GTE he rebuilt their core systems based on modern computer science. With Kheradpir’s improvements to their systems he was able to greatly improve operations and cut company cost. He was also successful during his time as Chief of Operations at Barclay and as Chief of Information and Technology with Verizon. Kheradpir was a member of the National Institute of Standards & Technology VCAT, an associate professor of electrical engineering at Northeastern University, and holds several patents.

Kheradpir’s has had notable success as a leader in both business and technology. He has almost three decades of executive experience ranging from telecom, technology, and financial services industries. Shaygan has already been engaged in planning and operations with Coriant since early January. Shaygan has accepted his new role as CEO at Coriant with the task of accelerating the company’s growth planning and target solutions for the customer’s specific needs. Coriant believes that Shaygan’s extraordinary success in the technology field will make him an asset to the company’s plans for future projects and growth.

Coriant is excited about Kheradpir’s new role in their company. He has distinguished himself in the technology world as being able to be progressive in the drive for new technology. Coriant’s global range of customers works well with Kheradpir’s vast experience managing a large client list while making technical improvements. The combination of Coriants 1,800 patents combined with Kheradpir’s record of success it’s a guarantee that we can expect to see some incredible new innovations and success coming from Cariant in the years to come.

Examining Michael Zomber’s Multi-talented Personality

Juggling numerous hobbies can be a tough balancing act for anyone. Most of us find it hard to create sufficient time for each activity whenever we are faced with an array of tasks at the same time. How Michael Zomber sufficiently allocates time to his authorship, antique arms collection, film directing, activism and philanthropy remains a mystery. What is evident is the fact that he has managed to satisfactorily execute his roles without any difficulties.

Zomber’s Arms Collection

He was fascinated with ancient Japanese, Islamic and American arms from a young age and as he grew older, he started collecting them. Of particular interest to him are samurai Japanese swords. He sources the weapons at auctions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and London. Thereafter, he sells them to individuals and institutions, which have the aptitude to preserve them in their original condition. This ensures that their monetary and historical value is maintained.

Zomber’s Authorship

Michael has made a name for himself for penning books about war, romance, religion and family. Most of the books have been published by renowned publishing houses, which have made them a success. Some of his works include “Jesus and the Samurai”, “Sweet Betsy That’s Me”, “A Son of Kentucky” and the critically acclaimed “Park Avenue”.

Zomber’s Charity Work

With his wife Andrea, Michael runs Labors of Love, a program whose purpose is the betterment of humanity. Through this platform, the couple support several initiatives such as and the Randolph Bourne Institute, which are devoted to the enhancement of free speech. In addition, they also support Global Exchange. This is a human rights society whose aim is the promotion of societal, financial and environmental justice across the globe. The organization also creates public consciousness about military intercessions that are conducted in the guise of democracy. Other organizations supported by Labors of Love are Amnesty International, Disabled American Veterans, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, The Smile Train and Get Lit’s.

Renascent Films

Michael wanted to create a platform through which he could transform his ideas into film. This was the motivating factor behind the formation of Renascent Films in 1998. The company produces and distributes movies. It won the rights to distribute Roger Ebert’s well received movie, La Cucaracha. It also produced Soul of Samurai, a documentary directed by Zomber. Other films produced by Renascent Films include Deep Sea Diving, a film that features only one woman. Besides production, the firm mentors budding producers by providing them with requisite financial and technical support to hone their skills.  Zomber’s official website has more.

Premier Networking Solutions Offered By Coriant Under Its New CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant is a technology firm that creates dynamic and innovative networking solutions that suits the rapidly changing and cloud-enabled business world. It was established as an independent firm in 2013. Coriant’s technology is based on Tellabs, Siemens Optical Networks and Sycamore Networks. It has an excellent heritage of more than 35 years in provision of technology services. The inauguration of the company under the new Coriant name was announced in March 2013 for the OFC/NFOEC. Subsequently, it became a separate entity from Nokia Siemens, under the ownership of Marlin Equity Partners.

Coriant engages in the sale of hardware and software utilized for optical transmission in the backbone network of mobile networks, voice and data. They include products like hiT 7300, hiT 7100 and hiT 70xx. The software for planning and management consists of Transnet or Transconnect for network planning and TNMS for network management.

Coriant’s portfolio of SDN enabled and edge-to-core transport systems allows network operators to minimize operational complexity. It also enables them to enhance the utilization of multi-layer network resources and develop new revenue-generating services. These services are maximized for the ever-changing demands of business and consumer applications that include video, mobile and cloud.

Coriant serves the top network operators in more than 100 countries. These operators include fixed line and mobile service providers, cable MSOs, content providers and large enterprises. It also includes cloud as well as data center operators, government agencies, utility companies, and financial institutions. Coriant has deployed thousands of network systems across the globe.

About Shaygan Kheradpir

Currently, Coriant is under the leadership of Shaygan Kheradpir, a renowned business and technology executive. Shaygan has a brilliant academic and professional background. He holds bachelors, masters as well as a doctoral degree from the prestigious Cornell University. All these degrees are in electrical engineering. Prior to being appointed as the new CEO of Coriant, Shaygan held senior management positions at Verizon, GTE, Juniper Networks, and Barclays.

Shaygan Kheradpir has immensely contributed in the creation of a number of products and cost cutting measures. At GTE, Shaygan earned respect for his ability to deliver new products in time. When GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to create Verizon, he contributed in the development of Verizon’s FiOS platform. At Barclays, Shaygan worked with innovative teams to create products such as Pingit, a soft ware for mobile payments. He was the first technology executive to sit on the executive team of the banking group. While working for Juniper Networks, Shaygan designed and implemented a cost-cutting plan that was highly successful.

Venture Capitalist Marc Spark’s Expectations From A Presentation

Venture capitalist Marc Sparks says that if he decides to be involved in a project then he is all in into the project. Marc believes that staying focused is the key to being successful in businesses ventures.

He says that it is too easy to become distracted by all the events going on in life. This is why he is very selective in the business ventures he decides to invest in and has a clear direction to guide a company in. “Too many directions” says Marc “is distracting as well.” Below are some tips that can increase the chances of your venture being selected for investment by venture capitalists.

An important point during your presentation to venture capitalists is to make sure that your visuals serve an actual purpose. Venture capitalists are often very busy and wasting their time with graphics that serve no purpose will not only waste your time but also be looked upon unfavorably by the investors. Focus on substance and not graphics, visual appeal or photos.

Another point is to include statistics that highlight your points. Investors love to see data back up your claims. This will make your product, company or service that much more appealing and credible. Be sure to explain what your numbers mean or how they relate to your company. Make sure any figures have reliable sources. An unreliable or fictitious source can kill your presentation.

The last points to remember during your presentation is to keep it simple so that the venture capitalists understand what you are saying. Don’t use language that is over their heads and try to avoid professional jargon. Try to incorporate all the players in your company and the employees as well. Investors love to see the whole team behind a product of firm.

Venture capitalist Marc Sparks is one of the most successful and widely recognized serial entrepreneurs in the United States. Receiving poor marks in school, did not stop the determined Marc Sparks from succeeding in business and overcoming massive setbacks. Mr. Sparks has published a book called They Can’t Eat You which describes his biggest failures and how he overcame obstacles and poverty to achieve great success in business and as a venture capitalist.

Beneful and the Premium Dog Food Industry Prosper

A healthier diet most definitely makes for a healthier life. This does not only go for two-legged creatures. The various beloved breeds who make up our four-legged friends need to eat a healthy and wholesome diet as well.

Pet owners are becoming more and more aware of this fact. Sales of premium dog foods, as revealed by an article in the Daily Herald, on strongly on the rise.

Pet owners are being enthralled by brands such as Beneful. Beneful boasts wet food selections that sound more like home-cooked meals than pet food choices. Roasted turkey, cooked lamb, and stewed beef are among the intriguing selections packaged by this Purina-owned brand.

Beneful foods are loaded with vegetables and other unique recipe ingredients. The ingredients are intended to help deliver vitamins and nutrients to pets. The goal of Beneful is to provide something other pet foods are missing. Since Beneful is so different from other more generic brands, its premium food choices are able to stand out.

Dog owners are reacting very positively to premium brand pet foods. The pet food industry generates tens of billions in sales per year. Roughly 45% of those sales are gourmet foods.

Access to premium brand dog food has definitely helped the high sales numbers. Major retail stores are keeping them in stock. Grocery stores, chains and smaller businesses, make such foods available for customers and their dogs. Sales figures get a nice boost when greater access is available.

Quality plays a huge role in the interest surrounding these amazing pet foods. All phases of harvesting and cooking the food follows a very deliberate and careful process. Taste testing is utilized to make sure batches are at desirable standards. Anything that doesn’t make the grade is going to be rejected.

The words “gourmet” and “premium” are not used just for marketing purposes. Legitimate premium dog food brands really do go the proverbial extra mile to make sure that no owner is disappointed with the purchase. More importantly, the exceptional quality of the food won’t leave any pets disappointed. After all, the top-quality food is intended for them.




How to Use Keywords to Have an Effective SEO Campaign


Everyone in digital marketing has been catching onto the importance of SEO marketing. However, there are many even in the niche of digital marketing that do not know the depths of SEO marketing. The most important part of SEO marketing is most definitely keywords. It is very important to have the right keywords and keyword placement in your digital content. This is the backbone of great SEO work. These keywords will be used to identify your business not only by search engines but also by potential customers and clients. It is important to learn the ins and outs of SEO keywords or to have the help of a seasoned SEO professional to help you with your SEO marketing campaign.

One of the biggest questions in SEO is how many keywords should be used. The first and most important thing to review is your main keyword in your title. This will allow readers and search engines to more easily understand what your article is all about. You will also want to make sure that the keyword of your choosing in the main headline. Having a proper meta description with your target keyword will also help you to have greater SEO results. You will want to repeat your keyword two or three times during the body of your article as well. Make sure that you don’t go overboard with your keyword placement. Readers and search engines are both not fans of this.

When you are working on a top-notch SEO marketing campaign, it can be very helpful to have an SEO firm on your side. There are so many different SEO firms out there that it is very important to find an online marketing firm that will really be able to help you with your SEO needs. White Shark Media is an amazing SEO firm that will be able to help you with your marketing and SEO needs. White Shark Media complaints is run by a team of highly proficient digital marketing professionals. These professionals hold highly their ideals of client service and satisfaction. The professionals at White Shark Media will not be satisfied until their client’s campaign is running to the best of its ability.

White Shark Media was created in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs who were looking to deliver a digital marketing service that was not yet experienced. Their high standards are what have grown them into the company they are today. In the US, there are only 29 Google AdWords SMB partners. White Shark Media has become one of these partners, making them a top priority for Google AdWords. This has helped to grow their company at a much faster rate than anyone had ever previously imagined.

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Martin Lustgarten and The Art of Investment Banking

An investment bank is quite simply a financial organization that revolves around facilitating increases the financial capital of numerous corporations, governments, and individuals. The bank provides a service via underwriting. In other words, they represent clients as agents, insuring them a certain degree of investment security. Additionally, such banks offer company and specific clientele assistance in mergers and acquisitions, derivatives, market creation, equity, fixed income instruments, commodities, as well as currencies. Overall, investment banking is compromised of what is called the ‘buy side’ and the ‘sell side’. The ‘buy side’ typically operates in various forms, namely mutual funds, equity funds, life insurance, hedge funds and unit trusts. The prior is based around providing counsel to organizations and institutions purchasing investment advice. The ladder is defined by the exchange of cash for security, security trades, transaction facilitation, and market-creation. Investment banks are divided into public and private bodies that do no exchange any information with each-other.

Investment banking phenomenon Martin Lustgarten ( has worked with Venezuelan clientele, as well as companies in Hong Kong, Panama, and Singapore. He has dual citizenship in Austria and Venezuela, but currently resides in Florida. He is a man with a wide array of investment banking connections. He demonstrates a knack for international business that is only developed through extensive experience. He is a collector of vintage watches. Such a hobby, albeit small, suggests an eye for nuance and sense of specificity that defines Lustgarten’s well-travelled character.

Martin Lustgarten is especially enthusiastic in the sales department, and is a pioneer in the import sector. An exacting worker, he is always careful when it comes to currency, and appears an expert at establishing lucrative deals. Ultimately, Lustgarten is a well-known figure for a good reason. He is ambitious without being reckless, and strategic, but active, never static. If one is interested in investment banking, look no further than Martin Lustgarten. Although, he may be difficult to emulate, he has demonstrated himself to be an impressive and inspiring figure who has remained successful and innovating in an ever-shifting world. Visit his Tumblr page to find more of his interests.