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Revolutionary Human Rights Activist Thor Halvorssen

Human rights activist Thor Halvorssen is known all over the world for his endeavors in fighting against the injustices inflicted upon people by oppressive regimes. He works with dissidents and defectors whose main goal is to speak up against authoritarian regimes. In 2012, Thor and his cameraman traveled to Ho Chi Minh City. Their intention was to interview the founder of the Buddhist Church of Vietnam who had been put under house arrest for 28 years after his church had been banned. They found a way into the monastery and made the interview.


As they got out they were accosted by Vietnamese authorities with Thor being detained. He was let free after convincing them that he was a Buddhist seeker. Some people claim that Thor is a right winger because of his criticism of the left-wing oppressive regimes in Latin America. This caused philanthropist Sigrid Rausing to withdraw his support for Mr. Halvorssen after realizing that the conservative Bradley Foundation had funded Thor’s Human Rights Foundation. Thor has however insisted that he is not affiliated to any political group and that his concern is just human rights. HFR has a staff of 12 people and their aim is to expose authoritarian regimes, work with dissidents and liberate political prisoners.


Thor Halvorssen is also a film producer. He established the Human Rights Foundation in 2005. He is half Venezuelan and half-Norwegian. His careers as an activist started in 1989 when he organized protests in London against the apartheid regime in South Africa. He is also the head of Oslo Freedom Forum. Between 1999 and 2004 Thor was the CEO and Executive Director of the foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Mr. Halvorssen’s opinions have been aired by leading media houses like CNN, Al-Jazeera, Fox News as well as newspapers like The Economist, New York Post and the Daily Telegraph. The films that he has produced focus on freedom and human rights.


Mr. Halvorssen speaks French, English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently and this has enabled him to network with many human rights activists all over the world. His father was imprisoned by the Venezuelan authorities in 1993 while his mother was shot during a political protest in Venezuela in 2004. Thor is a citizen of Venezuela but he has not visited the country in six years for fear of being arrested by the current regime.

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Bob Reina Turns A Vacation Idea To A Business Opportunity That is Now Available on Free Trial

The most successful company in the market identify a need in the marketplace and then design strategies fulfill the needs of the consumers. It is the reason the 7-year-old company, Talk Fusion has had such a rapid growth recently. It seems that Bob Reina, the founder, and president of Talk Fusion has the glimpse of the needs of the advertising market. It all started with a vacation in North Carolina in 2004, where Bob toured a vacation home and considered purchasing it. What followed was a video he took of the home and tried to email some friends, but he found out that it was not possible. It turned out that the video file was too large for an email to carry.


This was how the idea of Talk Fusion was born. It could be possible that other people were faced with the same tricky situation as Bob in 2004 and were frustrated with the experience. As Bob was frustrated by the problem, the inner entrepreneur was in high gear. Bob Reina pictured his problem as a business opportunity that could eventually have massive appeal. When he went back home, he shared the idea with a friend he called “IT genius.” He gave him the responsibility of making it possible to send a video by email, and he concentrated with turning the business idea into a direct selling business.


In 2007, Bob Reina launched Talk Fusion to offer the product both for firms and individuals. Since its inception, the direct selling business has been successful with 92 percent of mobile video viewers currently sharing videos with others. Online video accounts for 50 percent of all the mobile traffic, people watch 6 billion hours of YouTube per month, and video communication will account for 90 percent of the online traffic by 2015.


Talk Fusion has recently introduced a 30-day free trial version of its Video Marketing Service to enable its first-time users to get a glimpse of what it’s like to use the Video Marketing Platform. During the launch of the free-trial, Bob Reina said that there is no comparison in the world of the value they give to customers.

Venezuela Liquidating Portion of Gold Reserves

Venezuela is a member of OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) and has had some economic hardship with the dip in crude oil prices which have fallen almost 70% since this time last year. This reduction in value along with crude oil being one of the countries lead exports means an economic slowdown and action by the countries government, as explained by Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. In March of 2015, the Venezuelan government began selling gold reserves based on reporting to IMF. The original amount of reserves at approximately 367 tonnes placed the South American country as the 16th largest gold reserve holder in the world.
Expert Velasquez Figueroa also explained that this liquidation of assets is meant to show private sector and international interests that Venezuela can convert its abundant commodity stores into cash to weather the downturn in crude oil pricing and continue to service loan obligations such as government issued bonds. This also plays into the late President Hugo Chavez who claimed that Venezuela would distance itself from the US dollar which led to its large gold stores originally. The sale of the gold is in the spirit of trying to maintain fiscal responsibility and control of their currency.

How Does Status Labs Create A Response For A Reputation Crisis?

The Status Labs team is very comfortable trying to make sure that they are going to be able to respond to an emergent situation. Emergent situations are going to need an immediate response so that people around the world do not assume that all the bad news is true. Even if the bad news is true, there needs to be a response that shows that the client is going to fight everything head on. Status Labs is going to create the response that is needed for such a thing, and they are going to make it very easy for every client to feel like they have made the best choice for changing their online reputation.


There are a lot of people who are going to be able to have a better response because they got with Status Labs first. Status Labs is going to use a lot of different information to craft the response, and they are going to make it so that the company they respond for feels good about the response. There will be a very slow turnaround in the story of the company that needs help, but the only thing that all these public relations companies can do is ask for help from Status Labs to make a change. There are many things that can be done to make a change, and Status Labs will ask for the information that is needed to keep the change going for as long as possible.


They can offer everything from pictures to small pieces of good news that work for the Status Labs team. This means that the client is going to be able to offer anything that looks good, and the whole public is going to love seeing new news from the client. The client is going to look good, and they are going to make a good impression on their clients. This means that everyone who does an Internet search is going to see something good, and the Status Labs team will be able to keep doing things like this until their clients look so good that the help is not needed anymore.

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Online Dating Apps For Relationship Success

Dating apps have become a really convenient and useful way to connect with other people in your area or all over the country. Internet dating has become very popular in recent years and using your smart device makes it even more convenient to find new friends or a new partner. With a lot of different apps out there, it is important to find one that is easy to use and works for your needs. This way, you will be able to easily navigate the app and make connections freely without being frustrated with the process of using the app and talking to other people.

Currently a free download, Skout is a dating app that has been on the market for quite a while now and has proven results. A mobile exchange network designed to help people meet each other, you can use this application to share pictures with other people, make new friends and make new connections. The signup process is simple and all you need is a Facebook account or an e-mail address.

Once you have signed up for Skout, you simply create your own personal profile that will be used to connect with other people. You get to include personal information such as your gender, age and your dating preferences. This information is used to sort through all of the other people using Skout and the more information you include, the more tailored your results will be.

You can also see who is currently on their Skout app when you sign on. This is a good way to connect with other users in real time and you can view their information before making a connection. There are also other little features that make the app fun like sending virtual gifts, ‘winking’ at someone, making your own list of favorite users and so on. A very safe and easy app to use, Skout is popular among the online dating community and is helping people make connections everyday.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Is The New Coriant CEO



Shaygan Kheradpir has been named the new CEO of Coriant, and he is responsible now for the new products that the company is supposed to come out with. He is a technical genius from Verizon who knows how to create new products that Coriant will be able to sell to its new customers.

The company has a lot of networks to work with, and they will put all those together to make sure that people can get the best phones for their lifestyles. Everyone who is looking for a new phone and a new phone company should be able to buy from a new company. Coriant wants to compete on the market with the bigger phone companies, and they can do that when Shaygan Kheradpir introduces a new way to put out prototypes and have new phones on the market for people to buy.

Coriant wants to grab all the new customers on the market who want to make sure that they can be the best option for all these people. It is the best course of action for a new company, and Coriant will begin flooding the market with brand new phones and devices that people will want. The new phones will make Coriant a good company to work with, and they will begin to make Coriant the sort of company that people really want to buy from. Buying from Coriant will make customers happier, and customers will find that they can get the right phones for them without going to a traditional cell phone company.

Coriant wants to be the best choice for everyone because they have all the right kinds of phones and services. They have the strongest networks out of anybody, and they have new leadership that will help them create what they need. Shaygan Kheradpir knows how to make phones that will come out quickly, and he knows how to manage a large cell phone company. His experience in the cell phone industry will help Coriant become the best phone company for people who are looking for a brand new phone and a much better service.

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George Soros’ Open Society Foundations News

James O’Keefe Called George Soros Open Society Foundations Under Another Name

Open Society Foundation, an organization formed in the mid-1980s recently became prey to a fraudulent phone call from James O’Keefe, who introduced himself as Kesh, according to Raw Story (May 20th, 2016). Mr. O’Keefe is a conservative activist in the United States and has covertly recorded audio and video with some editing of individuals, politicians, and organizations, including governmental and social service. His attempt to gain access to George Soros Open Society Foundations was a failure after a source reported to Raw Story information about an audio with the voice of O’Keefe. It isn’t uncommon for James to pull such tactics of prank phone calling organizations.

The way O’Keefe was exposed involved him not hanging up the phone with an unknown source. The source alleges that he or she has a recording of James leaving a message to Dana Geraghty, Open Society Foundations worker. In the message, he said to Ms. Geraghty that he was Hungarian-American and would like to get involved in her fight for European values.

Geraghty and Stone was appalled about the message, but didn’t put it pass James O’Keefe, based on his past on Christopher Stone works with Open Society Foundations to help with its mission to build government accountable societies that involve the people, regardless of race or religion. He is an international professional with years of experience leading & governing non-profit organizations and reform of criminal justice. Open Society continues to provide solutions for issues pertaining to health, access to information, education, rights, governance, and justice. Read full article on

George Soros was born in Budapest and left Hungary when he was 19 years of age. George Soros moved to England and attended London School of Economics before relocating to the United States. In the early 1960s, he became a U.S. citizen and founded Soros Fund Management, a private owned partnership. George Soros is known as one of the top hedge fund managers in New York and global.

The first Open Society Foundation was founded in Budapest and presently has offices in Europe, Asia, New York City, and other countries. Mr. George Soros has written novels, essays and articles concerning social issues, politics, investment strategies, and economic forecasting. Open Society Foundations didn’t fall prey to James O’Keefe and is aware of the conservative manipulative behavior to exposing certain organizations by altering audio and video recordings. Mr. Stone and Geraghty believes the message was actually a prank.

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How Skout Is Making Heroes

Superheroes are difficult to come by. It is not very often a man dedicates himself to vigilante justice wherein he is wearing a mask and fighting crime. Most attempts to mimic the behavior of the superheroes out of comic books and movies end in failure or fatalities. However, that does not mean that all hope should be abandoned. There are real ways for people to contribute to society and make a difference. There are things that individuals can do to change the world. People can be heroes. They may not be vigilantes, but they are heroes. Skout has recently launched a campaign in which they contribute to this effort.

National Superhero Day
American culture is more or less driven by entertainment. It is appropriate that there would also be days that were dedicated to the treasured characters and forms of entertainment. National Superhero Day is a day in which people celebrate their favorite superheroes. There might be parties, costumes, and for Skout, there is the option to send virtual gifts to other people that have superhero themes. But as people reflect on what a superhero does on National Superhero Day, they might begin to think that they should spend more of their effort helping people. Skout allows them to do that.

The Make A Wish Foundation
Skout will make a donation to the Make A Wish Foundation. The Make A Wish Foundation has been answering the wishes of children who are dying of terminal illnesses for generations. They might arrange a meeting with a beloved actor or a sports star, or do anything that they can to improve the morale of the child and make his or her final days happy.

Other Donations
This is not the only charitable activity that has been conducted by Skout. They have quickly gained a reputation as a company who will reach out to worthy causes. They will also try to get their members involved in charity by having them do something minor, like send a gift, to prompt the donations.

This is how Skout has transformed normal people into heroes. Anybody can be a hero. It only takes a bit of empathy. If you want to read more about the story, read the original publication on PRNewsWire.

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Lessons from Investment Banker Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking can be defined by understanding what an investment bank does. Some of the roles of an investment bank include raising capital and securities as well as underwriting by playing the agent’s role in a company issuing securities and the public that is interested in buying the securities. The banks are also involved in assisting companies involved in mergers and acquisitions by advising buyers and sellers on matters valuation, pricing, negotiation, and transaction structuring

Investment banks, unlike commercial and retail banks, do not take deposits. There has always been a separation between investment and commercial banking in the United States until the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999. However, other industrialized countries like the G7 countries have not been maintaining such a separation.

The business of an investment bank is divided along two main lines namely the sell side, where trading of securities for cash or even for other securities or promotion of the securities is done, and the buy side, where activities include giving advice to the institutions that buy the investment services.

Building a career in investment banking is one of the prestigious things do in life though it is not easy. Beyond the knowledge acquired in class, one has to be patient and have observation and research skills. One of the most known investment bankers is Martin Lustgarten. The resident of Miami, Florida is also the founder and also the CEO of Lustgarten Martin an investment banking firm in Florida. The firm is one of the best Investment banks in the history of American banking.

Martin has been in the industry of investment banking for long, and is said to be one of the most experienced and knowledgeable investment bankers in America. This has made his investment firm famous and the most sought after. With a success and good record with its already existing clients, the firm has been able to continue attracting new clients every day.

The traits that have contributed to Martin’s success in the industry is effective communication skills. He can inform his customers in an easy and understandable way hence the best possible customer service. His employees also say that he handles them in a personal way and guides them hence improving their productivity. Martin has indeed made great contributions in this sector of investment banking.

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