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The Success of Stephen Murray

One of the most well respected private equity investors of all time was Stephen Murray who dedicated his life to finding new and alternative investment opportunities for clients to follow. His passion for the financial industry enabled him to climb the ladder to success and become the CEO of CCMP Capital.

CCMP was specifically a private equity firm that focused mainly on buyout as well as growth equity transactions. Though this is a private equity firm, Stephen Murray has always been intent on giving expert advice to individuals that are in both the private as well as in the public sector regardless of the size of the business or the intent.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital started his long and successful career when he graduated from Boston College in 1984 after majoring in economics.

As an economist, he furthered his studies by eventually then earning his master’s degree in business administration from the prestigious Columbia University where he excelled and earned many contacts from his studies.

However, right after his undergrad graduation, Mr. Stephen Murray was able to secure a job to become a part of a credit analyst training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. Mr. Murray was able to combine what he loved about economics and was able to analyze data and was even able to speculate about potential future investments.

By 1989, Mr. Murray’s success has progresses so much that he joined MH Equity Corporation after completing the training program.

Eventually, in 1991, the corporation was bought out by the chemical bank and continued to merge until MH Equity Corporation transformed into the well known Chase Capital Partners.

After being loyal to this changing equity firm for decades, Stephen Murray was eventually given the opportunity to become the head of a buyout business thanks to JP Morgan Partners.

This buyout company become CCMP Capital and helped many individuals find new and unique alternatives to investment.

In addition to his great success within the financial industry, Stephen Murray was also an individual who enjoyed giving back to the community. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

As a continuous donator to foundations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Stephen Murray has a soft spot for helping children that were in need.

Stephen Murray supported this well known foundation in New York City and hoped that his donations and care would make a different to the children.

As a member of the chairman’s council for this organization, Stephen Murray always played a heavy hand with giving back.

The Truth About Wen®

With a whole line dedicated to pampering dry hair, WEN hair® by Chaz is undoubtedly the best option for catering to your luscious locks. Wen® Cleansing Conditioner is advertised on QVC as a 5-in-1 formula that is said to take the place of most hair care products. Wen® is telling you to Say Goodbye To Lather™ with this astounding formula that doesn’t lather like other shampoos, helping to prevent stripping your hair of its natural oils.
Aside from the Cleansing Conditioner, Sephora sells Wen products meant to boost, style, and treat all types of hair. Many people have reported seeing amazing changes in the quality of their hair after using Chaz Dean’s products. Seeing all these positive reviews is enough to make you want to try it for yourself, and that’s exactly what Emily McClure set out to do.

In this article, Emily uses Wen® for a whole week, and documents her experience. On the first day, she explains that the bottle recommends using 10-16 pumps of product for her hair length, which is a lot more than she’s used to. She says she’s worried that it will weigh her hair down, but she later realizes that her hair actually feels thicker, and has less fall-out while using this product.

As the week went on, Emily noticed that after washing and styling her hair, it seemed silkier. Emily states that she received many compliments and felt more confident while using Wen hair®. However, she notes that her hair seemed to become greasy quicker than it usually would, but explained that it could be due to restoration of her hair’s natural oils. Emily states that she had an overall positive experience with Wen® and would absolutely use it again. So with all the positive reviews out there, why not give Wen® a try? Pick up a bottle today, and wash up; your hair will thank you later.

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Dick Devos Continues To Support John F. Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts

In one way or another arts have existed as long as man’s history. Art is part of our daily lives we cannot deny it, and is present in all cultures in the world. Almost everybody has an appreciation for art and enjoying creating it or observing it. As an integral part of our culture, art provides us with a deeper understanding of our self-awareness and emotions. Arts makes different communities appear beautiful, arts inspires and motivates us. Some have gone a long way to support arts by volunteering or financing arts platforms.


John F. Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts is America busiest cultural institutions and feature excellent performance. Each year, it hosts about 3000 performance of dance, theater, and music across multitudes stages and grand venues such as concert hall, Eisenhower, and opera house.


In 2013, leaders of Kennedy Centre announced planned to expand the facility. The expansion work involves constructing a riverfront pavilion and a new pedestrian bridge that will link the Kennedy Centre and the Pavilion. The plan also includes construction of three more pavilions, multipurpose rooms, specialized space for education and rehearsal, and offices and dining.


However, according to Kennedy Centre press release, the planned expansion has blown its fundraising target by $50 million. Rather than collapsing the project, more philanthropists like Dick Devos have continued to donate more to the facility. Dick Devos along with other philanthropist have demonstrated a commitment to the expansion plan, which is yet to be completed by 2018. The fact that the expansion project is funded by donations indicates passions for arts in our community.


This was not the first time Dick Devos family are supporting Kennedy Centre and arts in our community. Earlier, through the Dick and Betsy foundation, they donated $22.5 million to train cultural and arts leaders in the country. Further, they have established Devos Institute of Arts Management at Kennedy Centre with about $2.5 million yearly support.


Dick Devos is the son of Richard Devos, Amway founder. He is an accomplished entrepreneur has created a fortune in the business world. In response to financial blessings, he has received over the years, Dick and his wife Betsy founded the Dick and Betsy Charity as a vehicle to give back to the community. Often, the charity has donated to various community initiatives. In particular, the family has donated heavily to education including founding West Michigan Aviation Academy. Indeed, it is blessing to see there are Americans who care deeply about art and it role in education and human life.

ClassDojo Is The Perfect Tool To Build Stronger School Communities

ClassDojo is a relatively new communication platform created to change the way teachers, students, and parents are able to communicate with each other.  While in the school classroom, instructors can use the ClassDojo app to connect with any one of their own students and provide feedback as well as encouragement to improve their skills in critical thinking, teamwork, skill development, and leadership. For most classrooms, ClassDojo is the program of choice.

This unique program allows every instructor to send pictures, videos, and messages directly to any student or parent easily. This effectively allows every parent the ability to experience school moments along with their child when they are learning. Teachers can also post to a private news feed for specific class moments called the Class Story, which is only available to parents and teachers that are verified.

Platforms for education and learning have been developing quickly over the past several years to create tools that will help parents and teachers more effectively teach children. Many young students still need their parents engagement for development, ClassDojo is the perfect program to achieve this. ClassDojo fully supports 35 different languages with instant translation and allows every parent to follow their child’s profile.

ClassDojo also allows students to participate in the in the program by creating their own account to view the progress on their profiles. Students, like parents, will need to ask their teacher for an invitation to the classroom’s ClassDojo. The program is easily accessible for kids, and many features disabled until children under the age of 13 receive parental consent. All students will be able to access teacher feedback and profile avatars. What’s better is no personal information is required to use this program and it is completely free to use.

School officials will be granted access to the ClassDojo program within their school and can share things as well on the School Story board section, which only parents are able to view.

As a tested and proven program, ClassDojo is helping parents and teachers better follow up on their kids and become more engaged. By allowing parents to follow up on their kids and their progress by offering feedback, a more positive environment can be created around schools and create stronger communities.


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