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Parental Involvement through Securus Video Visitation – Concert

Inmate visitation may not mean a lot to everyone but commands a lot of emotions to their families and those affected. Securus Technologies has innovated video visitation that has revolutionized inmate visitation. With video visitation, now families have the opportunity to relate better with their relatives in correctional facilities. With the introduction of video visitation, inmate visitation offers significant benefits as compared to conventional onsite visitations. When compared, video visitation allows the visitors the following advantages that I believe stand out from the traditional visitation:


  • Low cost considering the resources in time and money to spend in onsite visitation.
  • Added visitation time which exceeds onsite visitation by over four hours.
  • Dangers that visitors are exposed to in onsite visitations for example from hostile inmates are eliminated.
  • Ease the management of correctional facilities with managers less worried about issues touching on contrabands.
  • Correctional facilities have the opportunity to record conversations, which may be beneficial in investigations.


The above are just some of the vast benefits that are provided by video visitation. With the importance attached to family ties such as parental involvement in childcare. Video visitation allows incarcerated parents to witness significant milestones with concerts being one of them. When a child participates in a concert, it is important to have parental involvement for moral and psychological support. Now, a parent can utilize video visitation to walk with their children as they grow and develop skills in such areas.



How video visitation- concert works


As the name suggests, Securus Technologies strives to provide innovative products that are in line with its core business. It is from this background that video visitation only requires simple technology devices. With an internet connection, iPad, a personal computer or any internet powered device. However, with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, there is the video visitation app that allows users easy access to the service. All that is needed is activating the app and with “at-Home” click to begin the video visit.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is an investigation and communications organization that offers its services mainly to correctional facilities. From its service and product offerings, I believe that the company continues to improve and change communication in correctional facilities. Though the company is also involved in other activities, the video visitation program remains one of its greatest innovations. Considering the magnitude of its operations, the company is positively changing the lives of inmates and their families. Also in the list of benefits is the constant contact that comes with reduced cost of visitation.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler Work Through Their Challenges

If there is one story that is common among all entrepreneurs, both successful and otherwise, it is that they all come across some obstacles. The difference between the successful and the failed entrepreneurs is that the successful entrepreneurs find a way to work through their obstacles on This often requires a lot of research and learning for the entrepreneurs. Eventually, they find what it takes if they are persistent enough. As a result, they will be rewarded for all of their efforts. As a matter of fact, the reward often exceeds their efforts for a long time.

Among the entrepreneurs that have overcome their obstacles are Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. They both have put in some effort at MySpace. However, they have faced some hard times. Then they started Intelligent Beauty which was mostly something they have tried by themselves. However, their bootstrap effort had a little bit of help with outside investors. For one thing, they have put the investments into good work. As a result, they have made sure that the investors were happy with the investments that they made. With Intelligent Beauty, both Adam Goldneberg and Don Ressler have realized that there is still enough room in the market for them. They eventually moved towards fashion.

Given their passion for fashion and a desire to help people feel good about themselves, Adam Goldenberg have founded a company by the name of JustFab. JustFab would eventually grow into many different branches with one of them gaining a physical location. For JustFab, they have decided to use the subscription model. Customers pay a subscription fee and they get to choose the type of clothes that they want. Every month they receive on Adam Goldenberg a set of clothes based on the type of clothes that they chose.

Another thing that Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler has done in order to make JustFab stand out is to partner up with some experts of the industry in order to come up with something unique, but not too far out. People will be able to enjoy some of the unique cuts without looking and feeling weird about what they have on.

The Strategy of Seattle Genetics in its Fight against Cancer

Seattle Genetics carries out research on cancer treatment drugs. Clay Siegall is the current president of the Seattle-Based biotechnology company.


Seattle Genetics is a fast growing cancer drug testing and research organization. Due to a large number of people suffering from cancer, the market for the drugs is big. The company is hiring more employees to help in the testing of the drugs to counter the market demand.


Adcentris is the most requested drugs owned by the Seattle. The drug has gone through over seventy trials to ascertain its effectiveness in the treatment of different types of lymphomas. Also, the company is conducting the clinical trials to test the possibility of the drug in treating previously untreated and newly diagnosed cancers. Seattle Genetics expects that Adcentris trials will have a significant impact on the company by the end of the year.


In the US and Canada, cases of lymphomas are high. Seattle Genetics realized significant returns from selling Adcentris in both countries in 2015. Furthermore, the company is expecting to make more money by the end of 2016 from the sale of the drug across US and Canada.


Seattle Genetics is making twelve more cancer treatment drugs apart from Adcentris. The drugs are still under clinical trials. The company is developing the medicine to combat other lymphomas that include breast and bladder cancers. Meantime, Seattle Genetics is researching on the new drugs. One of the additional drugs under scrutiny is the 33A. The purpose of carrying clinical test for the 33A is to establish its ability to treat myeloid leukemia.


To accomplish the medical testing and collect enough data on the drugs, Seattle is hiring additional employees. Apparently, the firm’s offices in the US and Switzerland require more staff. The company needs to employ staff to occupy their operations positions despite having over eight hundred workers.


The Seattle Genetics have many and big offices courtesy of their ambitious long-term goals. The company hires a hundred people annually for the past half a decade.


In conclusion, by hiring more employees to help in operations and collection of data on cancer drugs makes Seattle Genetics realize their goals.

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