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US Money Reserve Comes to the Rescue of Texans in Times of Dire Need

This year, Texas was badly hit by Hurricane Harvey, which is the biggest hurricane since Hurricane Wilma in the year 2005. In the unfortunate event, many Texas flee, leaving their properties for destruction. However, some were not that lucky- they perished from the floods. After three horrible days, the survivors were left to recollect their lives.

After the hurricane, those that were lucky enough to have escaped the wrath of the storms opened up their homes to help. Schools even opened to serve food to the kids and the local shop owners gave up their stores as shelter.

So many people came forward to help. In addition, many non-profit organizations started donating to the course.

One of the organizations that came forward is the Austin Disaster Relief Network. This is a non-profit organization based in Texas. The main aim of the non-profit is t provide relief to communities that has been struck by a disaster. The organization does this by collecting basic necessities and allocating them across the communities that have been struck by a crisis.

Following the Hurricane Harvey, the Austin Disaster Relief Network has been trying to rebuild the Texan community by raising funds to support affected families. The US Money Reserve is also giving its support by donating to the ADRN course. To encourage donation, US Money Reserve is matching every dollar raised, up to $100,000.

According to PR Newswire, the money that will be raised by US Money Reserve will support cases such as emergency shelter, immediate cash needs, spiritual and emotional care.

The US Money Reserve is supporting this course as a way of giving back to its community. Partly because many of its customers were affected by the hurricane and also because some of their employees. This is a big Gesture from a people’s money reserve for the people.

About US Money Reserve

US Reserve was founded some 16 years. over the more than 1 and a half decade that the company has been in existence, it has grown to be one of the leading distributors of US and other foreign government issued gold, platinum and silver.

In those years, the company has satisfactorily served more than 400,000. The company has made such major strides due to quality products and the extensive customer research that is done by their employees on coins.

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Shedding Light on the Occupation of Anthony Petrello, Nabors Industries CEO

Anthony Petrello is among the top-paid CEO in the US. Petrello works at Nabors Industries, an oil and natural gas drilling company. His experience level inspires envy and admiration. The humble and honest man bases his actions on respect and fairness. Many people have found employment due to tony conduct.

Humble Beginnings

Tony Petrello is from a predominantly Italian area, Newark. His middle-class parents had to work to pay bills. He acquired his honor and integrity values from Newark as the community living here rewarded for hard work, shunned lying, and valued honesty. He started working hard from a tender age.

The future CEO enjoyed studying and at an early age, he had mastered calculus and other mathematical formulas. Petrello joined Yale University to practice mathematics. He changed his interest from math to human science and enrolled for a course at Harvard Law School.


Tony began practicing in 1979 at Baker and McKenzie Law Company before joining Nabors Industries in 1991. Petrello had served in the entity for several years before becoming its chief executive officer and one of the most capable managers in America. His efforts to give back to the society have made his name popular among the other business leaders.

Eighty percent of Petrello income is from the company revenue. His leadership in oil-producing fields has created many employment opportunities in the United States. From his accomplishments, it is clear that a strong work ethic and brainpower are necessary to succeed. Anthony Petrello recognizes the help of his parents and colleagues in attaining his current position.

Compensation for 2015

Anthony Petrello total compensation for 2015 financial year was$27,512,939. The amount was inclusive of salary $1,580,077 and bonuses totaled $7,727,000. His total stocks added up to $16,863,656, and other payments stood at$1,342,206. For more info about us: click here.

Board Memberships

Currently, Petrello is a member of several boards. His presence at Texas Children’s Hospital,, and Stewart & Stevenson LLC board has yields positive returns for the firms. He is a vocal advocate for clinical and research programs that try to address children needs with neurological disorders.

Serving the Community

Tony and his wife give to charities every year. He leads Nabors industries to give back to the surrounding people. The talented president approves proposals at Nabors to support community programs in health, sports, and education areas. Nabors participates in National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Komen Race for the Cure, Wounded War Heroes and United Way.