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Matt Badiali: Thanksgiving Dinner At An All Time Low

The holidays are all about that special dinner with friends and family. A lot of us plan for a dinner that includes a nice, big turkey. So it may be pleasing for you to know that the cost of a turkey dinner actually went down this year compared to previous years. Here is why.

According to the U.S. Farm Bureau on, they released a survey stating, this year’s turkey dinner would cost less than any other Thanksgiving dinner in the past five years. There is one main reason why Thanksgiving will be easier on our budget this year, and that reason is the price of oil.

Most of us do not know, but the price of oil directly affects the price of grain. The cost of diesel for the farming tractors and fertilizers for fields of grain sold by farmers, these are two reasons why the cost of oil has an effect on the price of grain.


In turn, raising turkeys requires feeding them grain. It takes so much grain to raise a large turkey. To be exact, it takes about 35 pounds of grain to raise a 16 pound turkey. This is why he price of grain effects the price of the turkey because it is all about a profit according to The more inexpensive it is to produce a turkey, the less expensive he product is when sold to consumers like you and I. Supply and demand also places a large role in he price too.

Matt Badiali was a geologist and was a professor at the University of North Carolina. While teaching there, he got a call that took his career in a different direction. The phone call was from a famous financial advisor who wanted Matt’s help on a special project. He needed a geologist on his team to help him with investments in the energy, mining, and natural resource sector. From that moment, Matt joined his team and started traveling around the world researching what goes on behind the scenes at companies in these sectors.

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Frank advice from Dr. David Samadi for women and men facing anxiety-inducing changes in their lives

Dr. David Samadi is a board-certified urologic oncologist. His recent articles in the NY Daily News are focused on helping both men and women face health issues which may be causing them anxiety. The down-to-earth tone of these articles makes them both easy-to-read and memorable.

Many women don’t know what to expect from their bodies during menopause, and the fear of the unknown causes them to feel anxious. Dr. Samadi’s September 1, 2017 article, “10 questions every woman should ask about menopause,” lays a solid foundation for understanding what is going on in a menopausal woman’s body, and gives women answers to common questions they may have when facing this major change in their lives.

Dr. Samadi’s insightful questions and thoughtful responses range from an overview of menopause to a frank discussion of hormone therapy. Both questions and answers provide the reader with insight into this transitional period in a woman’s life, and should help ease the reader’s anxiety by increasing her knowledge about what may be ahead of her and helping her understand what to expect along the way.

Most men enjoy sex. As Dr. David Samadi states in his August 30, 2017 article, “The top 8 behaviors of sexually healthy men,” most men would choose to engage in sex just about every day. However, there are many things that men do during the course of their regular lives that could negatively impact their desire for or ability to engage in sexual activity. And failure to act on those things could lead to a negative feedback loop, where the anxiety over negative sexual performance negatively impacts sexual performance, which increases anxiety, which further negatively impacts performance, which further increases anxiety.

Dr. Samadi’s article provides men with direction on how to get out of the negative feedback loop by focusing on healthier behavior and positive outcomes. From common-sense strategies such as healthier diet and stopping smoking to more esoteric strategies, such as Kegel exercises, Dr. Samadi’s advice is practical and easy to digest.

Dr. David Samadi is the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. His twenty-plus years of experience in healthcare are evident in both articles, and his concern for his patients mental and physical well-being comes through clearly in his matter-of-fact tone and his ability to parlay complex medical terms and concepts into everyday language.

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US Money Reserve Makes Major Contribution to Hurricane Harvey Relief

The affects of Hurricane Harvey are still being felt in southern Texas, as the region that was devastated by the massive historic storm is slowly rebuilding. The need for assistance is still significant in much of the area, and especially in neighborhoods that were close to local waterways and below the massive dam that was released. Relief fund campaigns have been ongoing ever since the storm ended, as many local businesses chipped in to help with financial recovery resources. One of those companies is U.S. Money Reserve, a locally based distributor of government-authorized gold, silver, and platinum coins.


The U.S. Money Reserve YouCaring website was used as a funding page for all who wanted to contribute to the cause locally as opposed to contributions to national charitable organizations. Many contributors were concerned about money being directly distributed to local individuals in need, which is exactly what will happen with funds gathered by YouCaring. U.S. Money Reserve has matched all of the money donated bringing the total contribution to $215,000 for use in the immediate area.


U.S. Money Reserve has been located in southern Texas ever since opening in 2001 with a mission of combining excellent customer service with an authentic precious metals purchase outlet as allowed by the United States Treasury. U.S. Money Reserve offers a wide variety of gold, silver, and platinum coins that are printed and certified by the government guaranteeing actual weight and quality. In addition, the company offers advice and publications educating clients and customers on the need to have precious metals as part of any personal financial portfolio. The precious metals retail company has maintained offices in both Austin and Beaumont, Texas.


The need for assistance following Hurricane Harvey was realized within the company as well as the community due to the fact that several of their employees and their families were victims of devastating storm. Instead of merely helping their employees recover, U.S. Money Reserve established a philanthropic drive to collect a basic fund to which they would match the total contribution. The final receipts and check was delivered to the Austin Disaster Relief Fund Management team shortly before Thanksgiving in late November.

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Desiree Perez scaling the heights of the entertainment sector and a pacesetter for other women

The entertainment industry is one that is male-dominated, and it takes a lot of hard work, determination and commitment for a female to get a breakthrough. In respect to that Desiree Perez is one woman who has proven that she has that and even more than what it takes to become a leader in the global music industry. She works with the entertainment giants such as Jay- Z. Perez has been working with Mr. Carter in the expansion of his business for the last two decades, and she has shown utmost efficiency and effectiveness in handling all her duties and at the same time making sure that all shareholders get their share of benefits. She has ensured smooth transition in Jay-Z’s life by turning him into a businessperson from being a musician thanks to her decisiveness. Besides Jay-Z Desiree Perez has also worked with and helped other prominent musicians. For instance, she is the reason Rihanna’s anti-tour got a $25 million promotion from Samsung something that saw her being added to the artist’s management. Desiree was also the principal person who enabled the contract between Live Nation and Jay-Z. Perez is indeed a force to reckon, and she continues to mark milestones in the entertainments sector and continues to set the pace for other women by proving to them that they can also do it.

About Desiree Perez

As mentioned above Desiree Perez is a well-known entrepreneur and a force to reckon in the entertainment sector. Perez has been the woman behind the scenes of the success of many prominent musicians and has worked with Jay-Z for the last 22 years, and in that period Desiree has helped Mr Carter scale to great heights. She is known for her fierce negotiating skills which help her clients land great deals and promotions. She is the current executive officer of Roc Nation which is a company that specializes in offering management services to musicians.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Educates Men on Prostate Cancer

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has its headquarters in Miami, Boca Rato, Florida. It is made up of a union of five national hospitals within the region. These hospitals came together with an aim of providing cure and treatment to various types of cancer. Since its establishment, the health facility has offered treatment to patients with bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy and even the use of vaccines.

The hospitals operated under high medical standards and this has earned them ISO certification. The main aim of many hospitals operating under one name, CTCA was to join forces and fight life threatening malignancies. So far, they have managed to expand their operations and can now be found in Atlanta, California and a few other cities.

One of their recent advancements is when they joined hands with National Football League Alumni Association and an advanced cancer clinic called LabCorp. This was majorly for educating men on the risks involved if they don’t undergo screenings for prostate cancer. LabCorp also took a huge step in the campaign for prostate cancer awareness and pledged to provide Prostate Specific Antigen screening without charges.

The partnership also fuelled research on this deadly type of cancer that is wiping away men in societies. In their findings, they stated that the disease has become very prevalent and no one should assume that they are not sufferers. At forty years, the cancer is likely to cause suffering and death in it were not discovered early and treated.

Most importantly, National Football League Alumni Association, CTCA, and LabCorp came up with a few causes of the diseases. Factors such as genetic inheritance and the national origin of the patients largely determine the susceptibility of one to contract prostate cancer. Statistics show that a large number of Black Americans suffer gets diagnosed with prostate cancer every year.

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