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Eric Pulier’s Road To Success

Eric Pulier had a fascination with computers from a young age. While in the fourth grade his interest grew so much that he began to program computers and by high school he created his own database computer company. After accomplishing so much in his childhood he went on to go to Harvard and graduate in 1988 magna cum laude. At such a young age Eric Pulier had already accomplished so much.

Following his success in college he went on to create his own technology based company, People Doing Things. This company focused on issues in education, healthcare, and other issues through technology. From there he went on to found another company, Digital Evolution, which later merged with another company. Not stopping their Eric Pulier went on to help create Starbright World, a social network platform for children who are chronically ill. This is a place for those children to talk to other children who are chronically ill and share their stories.

In 1997 he was chosen by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to create an exhibition even participated in a forum with the Vice President at the time. The forum was about health care and technological initiatives. Following this major accomplishment, Eric Pulier went on to create many other companies and ventures. Some of his later accomplishments include Media Platform and Akana and co-writing a book.Eric Pulier is has been a successful man since his early childhood. Through hard work and constant dedication, he went on to build an amazing career. From a young age, he was dedicated to his goals and was focused on accomplishing them. Eric Pulier is a true success story and shows where hard work and dedication can get you.

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Mike Baur Helps Startups With His Latest Venture

Who Is Mike Baur?

Mike Baur is a former Swiss banker from the western region of Fribourg. Growing up in Fribourg, Mike already showed a keen interest in banking and finance while a teenager. The subject fascinated him and he early on decided he wanted to become a banker.

His dream and passion of becoming a banker become true bringing great delight to Mike Baur. Mike has worked for over twenty years in the Swiss banking sector. His first banking position was as a commercial apprentice at Swiss based bank, UBS. Mike Baur would rapidly rise through the ranks in the years to come. The height of his banking career was becoming an executive board member of a major private Swiss financial institution.

Mike Baur holds two post graduate degrees. The first is from the University of Rochester in New York State where he studied business, finance and economics. The second is an executive leadership MBA from the University of Bern in Switzerland.

Mr. Baur left a cozy job in the Swiss banking sector to pursue an entrepreneurial venture in 2014. Along with two other business partners, Mike helped launch the Swiss Startup Factory that same year. Mike currently devotes a significant amount of his time to help Swiss youth launch businesses and learn about entrepreneurship. He is also a major backer of Swiss startup companies. Mike Baur invests his own money in Swiss startups and mentors budding entrepreneurs.

A Closer Look At The Swiss Startup Factory

The Swiss Startup Factory is known as the top independently owned and privately funded startup accelerator for companies in the fields of information technology and communication technology in Switzerland. Mike Baur plays an instrumental role at the Swiss Startup Factory. Not only is he a founding member, but he continues to play an active role by being a managing director at the Swiss Startup Factory.


Located in downtown Zurich, the Swiss Startup Factory is an easily accessible facility via public transportation. As a coworking space, the facility offers many amenities including an in house film studio, conference rooms, printers, free wifi, storage rooms, mailboxes and postal service. You will even have access to showers, a fitness center, cafe, welcome area and networking events.


Swiss Startup Factory has a three month accelerator program. It also provides financial services to help a startup get of its feet. This includes book keeping, invoicing, cash flow statements and tax reports. Custom financial solutions are also available for startups.