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Desiree Perez scaling the heights of the entertainment sector and a pacesetter for other women

The entertainment industry is one that is male-dominated, and it takes a lot of hard work, determination and commitment for a female to get a breakthrough. In respect to that Desiree Perez is one woman who has proven that she has that and even more than what it takes to become a leader in the global music industry. She works with the entertainment giants such as Jay- Z. Perez has been working with Mr. Carter in the expansion of his business for the last two decades, and she has shown utmost efficiency and effectiveness in handling all her duties and at the same time making sure that all shareholders get their share of benefits. She has ensured smooth transition in Jay-Z’s life by turning him into a businessperson from being a musician thanks to her decisiveness. Besides Jay-Z Desiree Perez has also worked with and helped other prominent musicians. For instance, she is the reason Rihanna’s anti-tour got a $25 million promotion from Samsung something that saw her being added to the artist’s management. Desiree was also the principal person who enabled the contract between Live Nation and Jay-Z. Perez is indeed a force to reckon, and she continues to mark milestones in the entertainments sector and continues to set the pace for other women by proving to them that they can also do it.

About Desiree Perez

As mentioned above Desiree Perez is a well-known entrepreneur and a force to reckon in the entertainment sector. Perez has been the woman behind the scenes of the success of many prominent musicians and has worked with Jay-Z for the last 22 years, and in that period Desiree has helped Mr Carter scale to great heights. She is known for her fierce negotiating skills which help her clients land great deals and promotions. She is the current executive officer of Roc Nation which is a company that specializes in offering management services to musicians.

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Fighting for Civil, Human and Migrant Rights is a Noble Cause

Few reasons make individuals leave their home countries and move to settle in other places. It is widely accepted, but on most occasions, most of the reasons are not voluntary.

Many people are escaping persecution from war-torn countries, others are victims of political oppression in their home countries, and many others are escaping excruciating poverty back at home. Whatever the reason for emigration, one clear thing is that immigrants do land into unexpected situations in host countries. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

At times it is simply difficult to adjust due to cultural differences like language barrier or religious beliefs. At times it is the inability to find jobs or means of economic sustenance. On many occasions, it is outright hostility from the communities hosting them.

With a refugee’s crisis unfolding in the Middle East and North Africa, immigrants have increased astronomically. With the increase, an equivalent rise in immigrant issues must be dealt with to enhance livelihoods.

This brings the importance of civil, human, and migrant rights to the forefront. In the United States, for example, thousands of immigrants settle in each year, and there are many challenges that they encounter. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook

Associations such as the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights based in California seeks to achieve an inclusive society for everybody including immigrants. The charity was formed in the 80’s to protect illegal immigrants from exploitation after the passage of immigration reform.

Criminalizing employment of undocumented immigrants was seen as a recipe for abuse. They focus on influencing public opinion and changing policy to enhance civil, human, and immigrant rights.

Standing tall in enhancing civil, human and immigrant rights is the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. The fund seeks to finance the organizations involved in the protection of rights of individuals be they immigrants or just marginalized citizens. The fund also aims to improve free speech in various communities in Arizona, USA.

Founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin after illegal detention in Maricopa County, the fund has become one of the top facilitators of human rights legal partners around the US. The founders were detained by Sheriff Joe Arpaio for allegedly violating grand jury secrecy laws.

After the district attorney dropped their cases, they opted to sue for violation of their 1st amendment rights. In 2012 the 9th U.S. Circuit of Appeals ruled in their favor, awarding them 3.75 million dollars. They used this settlement to start the fund that focuses on defending human rights.

Anthony Petrello- The influence of the drilling industry in Texas community

Anthony Petrello is a prominent CEO in the United States. He is one of the people who have accomplished for his country and his company. As a leading corporate head, he is one of the CEOs who has created thousands of jobs for Americans. The company he leads have employed over 30000 workers. Antony Petrello leads the company known as Nabors Industries. This is a company that drills oil and natural gas in various parts of the world. Nabors Industries have a presence in more than 25 countries. It is the nest drilling services provider in the whole world. It also has the best drilling rigs in the drilling industry. Anthony Petrello has invested in growing technology in the company. He has been very dedicated to his goal of growing the operations of the company. He intends to have the company operate in as many countries as possible.

Anthony Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 as the Chief Executive Officer of this company. He came from a law firm known as Baker &Mackenzie. This is a law firm that he had been working on as a managing partner. Since he joined the company, he has been keen to perform his duties to the best of his abilities. He has offered his counsel to the company on measures that the company should take to expand its operations. He joined the company when it was small but with his influence, he has managed to uplift the company. He is the one who advised management of company to buy some of the smaller companies in the industry. These are companies that would help the company expand its operations.

Anthony Petrello success at the company has not come easy, it has taken him many years of working hard. Right from his time in school to now as the CEO, he has been a person who shows passion and dedication to the work that he performs. He is dedicated to showing the world that it is possible to earn wealth by doing genuine business.

Anthony Petrello has been in the drilling industry for about two decades now. He has worked passionately in ensuring that the company not only becomes the best but it also changes the lives of the people that it has employed and those who live around it.

In Texas, the company has been engaged in various initiatives that are aimed at helping the community in Texas to come with initiative’s that will help the society solve some of the challenges. Nabors industries and the employees of the company have helped the Texas community by supporting charitable organizations in the area to operate with ease.

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The Ambassador Role Inspired by Daniel Taub

Professions are ranked differently. They are some that are considered prominent than others. These are the courses that are considered for the mighty and strong in the society. Being ambassador is among the most prestigious duties in society.

This is because it gives you a chance to represent everything that your country believes in and stand with it. It also means helping other people understand the structure, policies and believes of your country. This is not an easy task because what you’re looking for is a meeting point. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

An ambassador determines the relationship between the two countries. It is through his strategies that the nations can break or form an everlasting relationship. Good relations and diplomacy with other nations significantly contribute to the success of a country.

Daniel Taub, the Israelis ambassador of four years, is one of the most successful ambassadors. He finally led the two dynasties into dining together. He improved the relationship between the two nations, which has significantly benefited the two countries.

When he went to present his papers to the Queen, she showed some concerned. She asked him how it would feel to represent a state that he left for 30 years ago. She knew that she had to give up his Britain citizenship to pursue this call. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

However, this didn’t seem to be a big issue for Daniel Taub. He viewed this in a different perspective. He said he was happy to have a chance to show appreciation to the two states. This was by ensuring they grew closer to each other.

Daniel Taub was also happy for getting a chance to raise his children in their historic land. He is keen to mention that Britain, is much more than a historic country to Israel. This is because it is also the wealthiest state in the world. For this reason, it’s an honor to have been on the committee that tried to resolve matters between the two countries.

Daniel Taub says that his job was an honorable quest to follow. He corrects the assumptions of many who saw his post as stressful by saying it has been a good feeling. He says that the cooperation between the two countries has made everything easy.

During his farewell party, he is happy to admit that he achieved his primary goal of bringing the two countries closer. Everyone in the party seconds him. The department can only hope for an excellent replacement for the position.

Anthony Petrello philanthropic mission that will save life of thousands of children

Anthony Petrello’s daughter was diagnosed with a neurological disorder very early in her life. Right from birth, Carena had a condition that was threatening her life. The neurological disorder barred her from talking, eating or walking. The only area he has made good progress so far is, eating. However, this was after a long time of training her how to chew food. Until she was seven, she could only feed on liquid foods. Currently, she is being taken through the process of learning how to talk and walk. This condition on Petrello’s daughter has motivated him to make great sacrifices in a bid to see that her daughter’s health condition is resolved.

Anthony Petrello has vowed to spend his money to find a solution for neurological disorders like the one his daughter is suffering from. Anthony has already started donating money to be spent in funding research at the Texas Children’s Hospital’s Neurological Research Centre. Anthony and his wife have decided to mobilize funds that will see an advanced research center put up in Texas to conduct brain research for children.

The situation that Petrello and his wife have found themselves in was precipitated by premature birth of their daughter. Some of her organs had not developed sufficiently such that her body would carry out functions effectively. Carena was born at six months. She was diagnosed with a condition known as periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). Although this is a common disorder in premature babies, it puts them at a risk of developing other complications. Carena is one of those unlucky. As a result of insufficient blood in her brain she developed a condition known as Cerebral Palsy. This is a condition that leads to poor child’s growth as well as affecting motion capabilities of a child.

According to Cynthia, Petrello, their daughter’s condition has humbled everything in their life, despite being successful in life, this condition has made them humble and focused on finding solutions. She says they had gone to the extent of kneeling down daily and seeking for divine intervention so that their daughter can get well.

About Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is a business executive at Nabors Industries, a drilling company from Texas, U. S. He has been the CEO of the company since 2011. During his tenure, he is lauded for making great contributions that have made the company a global leader in the drilling industry.

Before becoming a business executive, Anthony Petrello was a lawyer with Baker& McKenzie law firm in New York.

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New Year 2017: New Hopes for Brazilian Investments According to Igor Cornelsen

The year 2016 was a great year for Brazil with the first Olympics hosted in South America. The athletes were well-treated and had a great experience. How will the year 2017 fare for the largest nation in South America: Brazil?

“Brazilians Excited for New Year 2017”

Blessed with an abundance of natural resources, such as coffee, gold and oil, Brazil is aiming to continue its high growth rates. One of the primary needs is to build a better infrastructure.

A developed nation needs to have a very efficient transportation system to move goods from the warehouses to the consumer.

China was happy to assist with a number of Brazil infrastructure projects, inking many important deals in 2016. With the spotlight on Brazil for the Rio Olympics, China also basked in the glory of being rising BRICS powerhouses.

“Itau Bank Stock Rising”

As Brazil recovered from its political challenges, some of its companies have started to rebound after November 2016. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Itau Bank is one of these firms, which is excited to provide the necessary capital for consumers and businesses to be productive. Its stock seems to be “unchained” and might be a good way to diversify your portfolio.

According to Investment Consultant Igor Cornelsen, “All investors should diversify their portfolios. This is important for minimizing risks. A diversified investing portfolio will increase a person’s ability to gain more revenue from different sources.” The year 2017 seems to be a year of change. Read more: Bros Don’t Let Bros Have Bad Breath: Toronto Oral Surgeon Cameron Clokie Helps You Make a Good First Impression

What exactly does an investment like Itau Bank have to offer? Wealth Manager Igor Cornelsen has explained that diversification is “important for minimizing risks,” but what does that mean in Plain English? It means that “you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

The United States has a new president and the United Kingdom has Brexit. If you are heavily invested in those two nations, then Brazil might be a nice addition.

Mr. Igor Cornelsen can explain how Brazil banks have consistently outperformed their American counterparts for the past few years. The Brazilian interest rate is higher, so the possibility for profits is higher. Be pro-active.

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Contribution of Talos Energy in Oil Mining Oil in Mexican Waters

Three companies have formed a partnership to drill oil from Mexican waters. The oil has not been drilled from the waters for the last 80 years. The three companies which will explore the oil are Premier Oil, Talos Energy, and Sierra Oil & Gas. Oil drilling in Mexico had been monopolized since 1938.

The approximate barrels of crude oil that Zama holds ranges from 100 to 500 million barrels. The drilling will take 90 days, and drilling cost will be approximate $16 million.The three companies won the tender in 2015 through bidding. The oil exploration in Mexican waters is being done for the first time since the country allowed the foreign companies to invest in oil. The research conducted by renowned analysts found out the exploration of Zama oil will lead to increased economic activities in the country. Talos Energy LLC controls the operation in the partnership, and it has 35 percent of the total stake. Sierra Oil & Gas holds 40 percent of the stake while Premier Oil PLC takes 25 percent of the stake.

Talos Energy an oil was founded in 2012, and it focuses on the exploration of oil and hydrocarbons. Its operations are based in US Gulf and offshore of Mexico. The origin of the company is traced to the merger of Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings. The company has invested 10.2 million acres in developing the seismic inventory. The company uses modern technology in mining oil and hydrocarbons. The use of advanced technology has increased efficiency of operations in the firm.

Premier Oil PLC is a London based firm will is involved in the drilling of oil and gas. The company has opened many branches in many countries which include Brazil and Pakistan. The company ensures that the investments are increased for the shareholding values to increase. The company is famous for efficient team work and the use of modern technology.