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Whitney Wolf Changed the Dating Rules by inventing a Woman Friendly Dating App

The search of love has become a difficult task in the twenty-first century. That is why Tinder was created in 2012. The dating app was first introduced in United States, and it later managed to reach other parts of the world within a short period. Tinder has made over five billion matches. The app came with the simple concepts of linking people globally. Only individuals who had matched each other are allowed to chat on this application. However, Tinder has been crowded by some sexually perverted beings. Women face a lot of common utterance from users on this site.

Women have been harassed on dating sites for one reason or another, and Whitney Wolf is not an exception. Some sites have discrimination against women. Some even block them out of the site. The group is mostly comprised of women who are currently developing dating sites for women. These sites have given women power. They are the only people who can initiate a chat and invite male counterparts.

Advantages of Bumble Dating App to Women

Whitney Wolf is one of the co-founders of Tinder. However, her departure from this team was dramatic accompanied by accusations of sexual harassment. She then founded Bumble feminist dating app. On this dating app, women are given an upper hand. The app has had more than 500,000 users, and it was launched in 2015. It more or less operates like tinder, but only women can initiate conversations on the site. In other words, the gender roles reversed on Bumble.

The discussion must start within 24 hours otherwise the matching disappears. With the women holding the start button, they are capable of directing conversation as they wish. They can either decide to chat with the man as a friend, potential lover or boyfriend. The app does not dictate whatever happens after the encounter with a man and a woman; it is left for them to decide. If they feel they should have sexual endeavors, it will be an agreement between the parties. Bumble aims at making the dating world less stressful for women.

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Whitney Wolfe Conquers All Aspects Of Social Media

Whitney Wolfe is clearly on top of things when it comes to finding a way for people to utilize social media to meet other people. She has proven that dating can be fun through an online app, but she has also become the person that people look to for generalized friendship building. This is how she has been able to create the Bumble BFF app.

She knows that there are a lot of men and women that are looking for an opportunity to build friendships, and that is why she has extended the Bumble company that she started to also include an opportunity for friends to connect.

Whitney Wolfe is a young entrepreneur under age of 30, but she has become a force in the industry because she is setting the bar high. She has become someone that has managed to successfully build a dating app where women are in charge. She called this a feminist dating app, and she has often taken a lead role as the entrepreneur that is looking out for women. This may be the reason why she chose the Bumble BFF app. She knows that there are a lot of women that move to different cities for work purposes and they may just be in a new area where they are trying to find friends. They may not be looking to date right now, and this makes the Bumble BFF app the perfect solution for those women that have this need.

There are also people that are going to have a need for a network opportunity. For these people the Bumble Bizz app may be one of the best opportunities for building network connections. A lot of people are going to be looking for the opportunity to utilize the apps that are created by Whitney Wolfe. She has proven to be a person that is interested in helping people build better relationships regardless of whether it is in the dating world or the work environment. She also wants people to have a chance to build friendships as. Whitney Wolfe conquers all areas of social media.

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