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Beneful and the Premium Dog Food Industry Prosper

A healthier diet most definitely makes for a healthier life. This does not only go for two-legged creatures. The various beloved breeds who make up our four-legged friends need to eat a healthy and wholesome diet as well.

Pet owners are becoming more and more aware of this fact. Sales of premium dog foods, as revealed by an article in the Daily Herald, on strongly on the rise.

Pet owners are being enthralled by brands such as Beneful. Beneful boasts wet food selections that sound more like home-cooked meals than pet food choices. Roasted turkey, cooked lamb, and stewed beef are among the intriguing selections packaged by this Purina-owned brand.

The goal of Beneful is to provide something other pet foods are missing. Since Beneful is so different from other more generic brands, its premium food choices are able to stand out.

Dog owners are reacting very positively to premium brand pet foods. The pet food industry generates tens of billions in sales per year. Roughly 45% of those sales are gourmet foods.

Access to premium brand dog food has definitely helped the high sales numbers. Major retail stores are keeping them in stock. Grocery stores, chains and smaller businesses, make such foods available for customers and their dogs. Sales figures get a nice boost when greater access is available.

Quality plays a huge role in the interest surrounding these amazing pet foods. All phases of harvesting and cooking the food follows a very deliberate and careful process. Taste testing is utilized to make sure batches are at desirable standards. Anything that doesn’t make the grade is going to be rejected.

The words “gourmet” and “premium” are not used just for marketing purposes. Legitimate premium dog food brands really do go the proverbial extra mile to make sure that no owner is disappointed with the purchase. More importantly, the exceptional quality of the food won’t leave any pets disappointed. After all, the top-quality food is intended for them.