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If working with children makes you happy, Autism Wessex is for you!

Portland School is for children aged 3-19 with autism and associated difficulties. Each child has a personalized plan so they can receive the education possible.Portland School was one of the first schools for children with autism in the U.K., with 40 years experience in specialist education and hundreds of children have benefited from it. They provide the education for each child with autism so they can personally develop into active citizens that can enjoy a good quality of life and maximum independence.

Employees should have 3 things. First of all, warmth, the children must feel comfort and love from you. Second, genuineness with your feelings toward the children. Third, and probably most important, you must possess empathy, Wessex Institute of Technology journals will be able to put yourself in the shoes of the students, as well as their parents. If you feel you posess these characteristics, we welcome you to apply and possibly join our family at Autism Wessex.

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