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If working with children makes you happy, Autism Wessex is for you!

Portland School is for children aged 3-19 with autism and associated difficulties. Each child has a personalized plan so they can receive the education possible.Portland School was one of the first schools for children with autism in the U.K., with 40 years experience in specialist education and hundreds of children have benefited from it. They provide the education for each child with autism so they can personally develop into active citizens that can enjoy a good quality of life and maximum independence.

Employees should have 3 things. First of all, warmth, the children must feel comfort and love from you. Second, genuineness with your feelings toward the children. Third, and probably most important, you must possess empathy, Wessex Institute of Technology journals will be able to put yourself in the shoes of the students, as well as their parents. If you feel you posess these characteristics, we welcome you to apply and possibly join our family at Autism Wessex.

Student Learning Is Being Revolutionized With Platform’s Like Class Dojo

In today’s day and age, there are handfuls of children out there that are having a difficult time throughout the schooling process, either struggling to learn or fit into the environment. Students like these really need the support and encouragement from their peers as well as parents and teachers, to help them feel comfortable and confident in themselves and their abilities. If schooling is a negative experience for a child, they will not want to perform to their best, nor will they even want to complete school in time.

Class Dojo is an educational platform that was introduced to the market in 2011, and goes a long way at improving these conditions for students in school. The main improvement this program makes is improving on the existed communication methods greatly between students, teachers, and parents. With more involvement from their parents, and more engagement from their teachers and classroom, students will learn to the best of their ability and actually want to get involved with their schooling communities. One of Class Dojo’s main goals is to improve the quality of education for students around the globe.

Since first launching their platform, Class Dojo has managed to expand and find quite a bit of success, as there were really no other competitors in the market doing exactly what they were when they started. Now, more than two thirds of all Untied States schools are taking use of the Class Dojo program. This program even came out with its own growth mindset videos, which is a series that was developed to teach students key life and learning principles to make school easier. These videos were even monitored by the University of Stanford to see how they were received by the public and how to improve them. The continuance of these videos is dependent on the demand for them from their consumers.

Class Dojo has been free ever since it was released, and it will remain free for as long as people continue to use it. It is very easy to use for people of all ages, and participation is as easy as asking for an invite from a students classroom teacher. Class Dojo provides a much needed increase in communication that is going a long way in making education better for students around the world with more positive school environments.

ClassDojo Is The Perfect Tool To Build Stronger School Communities

ClassDojo is a relatively new communication platform created to change the way teachers, students, and parents are able to communicate with each other.  While in the school classroom, instructors can use the ClassDojo app to connect with any one of their own students and provide feedback as well as encouragement to improve their skills in critical thinking, teamwork, skill development, and leadership. For most classrooms, ClassDojo is the program of choice.

This unique program allows every instructor to send pictures, videos, and messages directly to any student or parent easily. This effectively allows every parent the ability to experience school moments along with their child when they are learning. Teachers can also post to a private news feed for specific class moments called the Class Story, which is only available to parents and teachers that are verified.

Platforms for education and learning have been developing quickly over the past several years to create tools that will help parents and teachers more effectively teach children. Many young students still need their parents engagement for development, ClassDojo is the perfect program to achieve this. ClassDojo fully supports 35 different languages with instant translation and allows every parent to follow their child’s profile.

ClassDojo also allows students to participate in the in the program by creating their own account to view the progress on their profiles. Students, like parents, will need to ask their teacher for an invitation to the classroom’s ClassDojo. The program is easily accessible for kids, and many features disabled until children under the age of 13 receive parental consent. All students will be able to access teacher feedback and profile avatars. What’s better is no personal information is required to use this program and it is completely free to use.

School officials will be granted access to the ClassDojo program within their school and can share things as well on the School Story board section, which only parents are able to view.

As a tested and proven program, ClassDojo is helping parents and teachers better follow up on their kids and become more engaged. By allowing parents to follow up on their kids and their progress by offering feedback, a more positive environment can be created around schools and create stronger communities.


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