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Rocketship Education Is Enabling Communities Establish the Foundation to Get Out of Poverty

Rocketship Education is a non-profit that is involved in education management. It is transforming elementary school the way you know it. It is mandatory for all children from around five to eighteen years to get an education. This stage is called an elementary school. It includes students from Grade k through five. Rocketship Education is a charter school network. It runs public school programs throughout the country.

It was co-founded in 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith, who serves as the CEO. The charter school network is based in Redwood City, California. It runs charter schools in California, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Washington DC among others. The non-profit enables disadvantaged families to access excellent schools for quality education.

Rocketship Education accelerates student success in underserved communities. The network has a strong focus on quality education. It invests in highly-skilled teachers and cutting edge technology. The network employs a personalized learning approach. This is customized to the individual preferences of the student enabling efficiency in learning. It consists of a brilliant fusion of traditional teaching and presentation techniques with innovative digital instruction strategies.

The students test score results have proved the tactic delivers. It also enables the school network to keep a tight lid on administrative costs. The network fosters the development of strong leadership. Rocketship Education has developed a blended learning system that seamlessly brings together the students, parents, and teachers to focus on the success of the students popularly named rocketeers. Parents are obliged to take an active role in schooling their children.

Rocketship Education is committed to strengthening public education. A brilliant education for children has the power to transform communities. It empowers them to forge an economic foundation that helps them get out of poverty. The charter school network enables students to build a strong foundation for high school and college. Rocketship Education improves student performance. It also enhances their readiness for college.

The school also collaborates with stakeholders in the industry to ensure all-around education for the rocketeers. It is working with the Web of Life Field, WOLF School, to provide customized outdoor science trips for its 5th-grade students. This guarantees rocketeers a chance to attend school science camps. The partnership is cost-effective and provides outdoor education opportunities to all youth.