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What to Consider when Hiring an Event Planner

Hiring an event planner can be a daunting task if you don’t know how to screen them. Here are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself first:


What is the event objective?


Many individuals believe that hiring an outside caterer or event planner begins by determining one’s budget. The truth of the matter is that it will be helpful if you started by defining the purpose of the event. Note down the important goals that the event should meet before reaching out to that internal or external resource.


Why do you want to hire an event planner?


It is good to ask yourself what services and activities you would like the event planner to handle for you. Is it selecting the venue? Building menus? Or handling event registration?


What is your budget estimate?


Based on the objective of your event, it is possible to have a general idea of how much you will spend on different elements of your program. For instance, do not plan a champagne event based on a beer budget.


While sourcing for the best event planning companies in NYC, it is good to research and find someone who is qualified and has a strong reputation in the event planning industry.


About Twenty Three Layers


Twenty Three Layers is one of the event planners in NYC that offers full-service event design and planning. They have creative and energetic minds that will outshine even the most beaming vision of your next event organizer. Whether you are looking for a glamorous personal celebration or stylish corporate function, our extraordinary attention to detail coupled with our steady demand for perfection will blow you away.


Twenty Three Layers boasts of coveted relationships with the most exclusive establishments as well as the most sought-after vendors. You will have a fun, worry-free and unmatched experience while planning your event with us. We combine creative inspiration and seasoned knowledge to give our clients memorable events that reflect current and best trends in entertainment, décor, and food. For weddings, galas, corporate functions and charitable gatherings, Twenty Three Layers is your go-to premier event planner in NYC and beyond.

A Picture Perfect Event

With being successful in fashion, writing, and social networking, businesswoman and author Lauren Conrad has provided her followers with some great steps on how to throw a successful party. She has particularly offered up some great advice for those couples that are throwing events together. Two who have become one must meet a middle ground and find a commonality when selecting a theme for a party. It is important to make sure that both parties’ interests and personalities are met, and that everyone invited to the event is comfortable and can enjoy the atmosphere. However, she remains consistent and offers her best tip, and that is to have fun!

Party perfect does not always have to mean that something is picture perfect. Or does it? Of course, as an event hostess/host we want the event that we are organizing to run seamlessly and smoothly. All too often, individuals get stressed out with making sure that everything for an event runs so perfectly that they forget to take a step back and remember why they were holding the event in the first place. They do not allow themselves to simply enjoy the festivities and just relax. That’s where professionals come in.

What if there is a company that takes the work out of organizing your event for you? Offering full service for any type of event celebration, Twenty Three Layers in New York City is there to be more than accommodating. No event is too big or too small. A keen emphasis is placed on detail, design, and perfection.

Twenty Three Layers plans everything from the food, to the décor, to the entertainment, and is able to offer up some of the most wanted and sought after venue spots. They are a one-stop shop for many brides and grooms in that they are able to help with every aspect on a wedding day from photography to videography or they are able to assist with a more relaxed venue to assist with a benefit or corporate event. Twenty Three Layers takes all the worry out and simply leaves no details unnoticed.