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Arthur Becker: The Bio Tech Mogul and Real Estate Investor

Arthur Becker is the real emblem of a diversified investor. The Tech Mogul doubles as a real estate investor and entrepreneur. He is the managing head of the Madison Partners, LLC, an investment firm focused on real estate and early stage biotechnology ventures. The company mainly invests in high-end condominium developments in New York City and Miami, Florida. Madison is known for its magnificent house construction technology with the recent work being the construction of various town houses on the serene Sullivan St. in New York. They are also involved in the anticipated construction of a small luxury condominium in Tribeca for residential purposes.

Opening up on how he comes about ideas, Becker attributes his effective ideas to working with people he respects. Creating a stable subliminal rapport when organizing and coordinating the work of experts and other talents generates his fascinating ideas and initiatives. That has seen Becker emerge more determined in his investments, drawing ideas from fellow talented workmates and transforming those concepts into reality. Just considering the instance of Madison Partners, LLC, he credits the idea to his previous tenures at the NaviSite and ZINIO. His stay at the two companies defined his dear engagement with technology and real estate.

Mr. Becker is a dear futurist, clinging hard on the importance of strategizing in business and habitual compositions that really actualize those strategies. To him, business strategies need to reflect the business vertical; i.e. the upward growth of the business. Yet, this upward growth requires sharp talent, attracting talented individuals support your vision, and then getting out of the way. However, strategizing first demands that you make it a habit to understand your business; this entails dealing with the challenge of how to balance the passionate and drive with critical thinking.

About Arthur Becker

Mr. Becker has vast experience in biotech and real estate industry owing to previous working records. He was the chairman and CEO of ZINIO, the world’s largest digital newsstand according to NY Times. He has also served as the CEO of the NaviSite, a global internet technology company co-located in the UK and US. Arthur has made a mark in every company that he has served.

Davos Real Estate Group Deploys an Innovative Mobile Application to the Real Estate Market

Davos Real Estate Group (REG) has introduced a new mobile application knows as “Davos CAP Calculator” to the real estate market. The mobile application will help clients to approximate the ROI on real estate investments or properties that interest them. REG is part of independent firms that creates Davos Financial Group, a leading financial group and trusted the provider of comprehensive financial advice for more than two decades.

Development of Davos Cap Calculator

Davos REG’s Executive Director, Gerard Gonzalez, has worked directly with the company Tecknolution on the planning and creation of this revolutionary tool that permits one to calculate the appreciation of an investment property after factoring out liabilities and other expenses. The application is designed based on latest technology and can be downloaded to Android and iPhone devices. Davos REG is planning to launch similar apps that will enable clients to identify real estate properties via their mobile devices and send historical real estate record to their Davos’ agents through an interactive chat.

Advantages of Davos CAP Calculator

The application will assist Davos REG in providing effective financial advice and helping clients to put their money in productive real estate venture. Investors can come up with realistic investment goals since the tool will give them a much clearer financial understanding. Gonzalez stated that the development of the mobile application was one of the many ways that Davos REG is planning to improve the quality of services rendered to its customers.

Facts about David Osio

David Osio is the founder of Davos Financial Group (DFG) and currently serves as the CEO. He is in charge of local and international growth strategy of the company. Apart from collaborating with DFG Board in defining the mission and vision of the firm, Osio is responsible for operational matters. He upholds efficient management practices and engages in the creation of a diverse portfolio of financial services. Since launching the first asset management firm that meets the unique demands of the Latin America market with a special focus on Venezuela, Osio has spent close to 20 years making DFG an international company with incredible presence in New York, Lisbon, Geneva, Panama, and Miami.

Education and career

Osio joined the Catholic University of Andres Bello headquartered in Caracas. He started his professional career in Venezuela as a managing director of the Legal Desk MGO. He offered legal services to corporate clients like Consolidated Bank and Ferro. Between 1996 and 1998, he attended the Institute of Higher Administration Studies and received his master’s degree.