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Frank advice from Dr. David Samadi for women and men facing anxiety-inducing changes in their lives

Dr. David Samadi is a board-certified urologic oncologist. His recent articles in the NY Daily News are focused on helping both men and women face health issues which may be causing them anxiety. The down-to-earth tone of these articles makes them both easy-to-read and memorable.

Many women don’t know what to expect from their bodies during menopause, and the fear of the unknown causes them to feel anxious. Dr. Samadi’s September 1, 2017 article, “10 questions every woman should ask about menopause,” lays a solid foundation for understanding what is going on in a menopausal woman’s body, and gives women answers to common questions they may have when facing this major change in their lives.

Dr. Samadi’s insightful questions and thoughtful responses range from an overview of menopause to a frank discussion of hormone therapy. Both questions and answers provide the reader with insight into this transitional period in a woman’s life, and should help ease the reader’s anxiety by increasing her knowledge about what may be ahead of her and helping her understand what to expect along the way.

Most men enjoy sex. As Dr. David Samadi states in his August 30, 2017 article, “The top 8 behaviors of sexually healthy men,” most men would choose to engage in sex just about every day. However, there are many things that men do during the course of their regular lives that could negatively impact their desire for or ability to engage in sexual activity. And failure to act on those things could lead to a negative feedback loop, where the anxiety over negative sexual performance negatively impacts sexual performance, which increases anxiety, which further negatively impacts performance, which further increases anxiety.

Dr. Samadi’s article provides men with direction on how to get out of the negative feedback loop by focusing on healthier behavior and positive outcomes. From common-sense strategies such as healthier diet and stopping smoking to more esoteric strategies, such as Kegel exercises, Dr. Samadi’s advice is practical and easy to digest.

Dr. David Samadi is the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. His twenty-plus years of experience in healthcare are evident in both articles, and his concern for his patients mental and physical well-being comes through clearly in his matter-of-fact tone and his ability to parlay complex medical terms and concepts into everyday language.

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