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James Dondero Announces $1 Million Challenge Grant from Highland Capital Management to Finish The Family Place’s $16.5 Million Capital Campaign

The Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management Company, James Dondero, has announced this week that the company has awarded the Family Place organisation with more than $1 million grant to help it with its mission. The Family Place has is one of the leading organisations in the service of the people with the main mission to help the families with internal violence advised and counselled to stop that inactive behaviour. This is a legacy campaign which is aimed at raising more than $30 million to assist more than 100,000 families experiencing violence in the recent past. The company made an announcement during the 21st Anniversary of the family Place Organisation which was held at the Trailblazer Awards Towers.


According to the grant, it will be administered to the family place organisation through the philanthropic arm of the Highland Capital Management Company. More than $200 has been raised to aid this campaign in a special manner. For the company, they have issued more than %50 percent o their total income every year to philanthropic activities throughout the country as a way of giving back to the community. This is a match of more than 50 percent of any other raised capital funds to help them get more than $1 million as a grant to aid the Family Place Campaign to take place as scheduled.


Since the announcement was made in October, the Organization has raised more than $200,000 towards the achievement o their special goal. It has come to their notice that the Highland capital management Company philanthropic arm had a big aim to help the company raise more the amount stated towards the sustainability of the country. Family issues have caused many fears among many lives in the United States. For this to stop, there has to come to a new force of good through the Family Place organisation to help the people realise that they are making a mistake in a lie.


According to James Dondero, business is what emanates from a good family. If families were never united to this point, we would not have gone this far through business.