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Travelling Vineyards: The Ultimate Way to Mix Business With Pleasure

They say that a good friend is like a bottle of wine and vice versa. Imagine having the two elements together, a good friend and a bottle of wine and at the same time make a few extra bucks off two of your favorite things while at the comfort of your home. It may sound like a dream, but traveling vineyards now makes it a reality for many people especially women who want to work and at the same time take care of their families. It mostly favors stay at home people who are over twenty-one years of age especially mothers because it involves hosting wine tasting parties.

Travelling vineyards understands that its success is based on the wine guides and that is why it works itself to the finger bone to make sure that they are comfortable and thoroughly knowledgeable. It accomplishes that by holding regional events which act as a platform for them to interact and exchange ideas and to also discuss and find solutions for any challenges. The support team is entirely efficient and is always working round the clock to connect hosts and answer all the questions which they may have to ensure that they are comfortable.

The company ensures that as its guide you are empowered with total knowledge regarding wine and the company itself by providing you with a somnology kit. The kit explains how to pair different types of wines with food and spice up your parties and also make the most out of it. To the newbie’s in the world of wine, they go through an online training program known as the tasting room where a local guru is assigned to walk with them every step of the way until they feel they are confident enough to start working independently. During the harvest, it gets even better as you get to enjoy socializing with other hosts, costume contests, dancing, a lot of food and wine too. With only $189 you get to enjoy all these benefits and earn while doing something you love. It is the ultimate way to mix business and pleasure.

About traveling vineyard

Travelling vineyards is a company which began in 2001 in Massachusetts, Ipswich to be precise and one which has seen tremendous growth since then as it is spread in more than forty countries with over 5000 wine guides. It is among the earliest companies to use wine tasting parties as a strategy to increase its sales while at the same time creating employment. It ensures that the guides can get the most out of it by offering bonus points based on monthly and overall sales and provides opportunities for them to grow by allowing them to form teams of their own under it after they feel they are knowledgeable enough.

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