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Bob Reina Turns A Vacation Idea To A Business Opportunity That is Now Available on Free Trial

The most successful company in the market identify a need in the marketplace and then design strategies fulfill the needs of the consumers. It is the reason the 7-year-old company, Talk Fusion has had such a rapid growth recently. It seems that Bob Reina, the founder, and president of Talk Fusion has the glimpse of the needs of the advertising market. It all started with a vacation in North Carolina in 2004, where Bob toured a vacation home and considered purchasing it. What followed was a video he took of the home and tried to email some friends, but he found out that it was not possible. It turned out that the video file was too large for an email to carry.


This was how the idea of Talk Fusion was born. It could be possible that other people were faced with the same tricky situation as Bob in 2004 and were frustrated with the experience. As Bob was frustrated by the problem, the inner entrepreneur was in high gear. Bob Reina pictured his problem as a business opportunity that could eventually have massive appeal. When he went back home, he shared the idea with a friend he called “IT genius.” He gave him the responsibility of making it possible to send a video by email, and he concentrated with turning the business idea into a direct selling business.


In 2007, Bob Reina launched Talk Fusion to offer the product both for firms and individuals. Since its inception, the direct selling business has been successful with 92 percent of mobile video viewers currently sharing videos with others. Online video accounts for 50 percent of all the mobile traffic, people watch 6 billion hours of YouTube per month, and video communication will account for 90 percent of the online traffic by 2015.


Talk Fusion has recently introduced a 30-day free trial version of its Video Marketing Service to enable its first-time users to get a glimpse of what it’s like to use the Video Marketing Platform. During the launch of the free-trial, Bob Reina said that there is no comparison in the world of the value they give to customers.