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InnovaCare Health Implements New Strategies That Will Push For Growth

In the new age where companies are fighting to clinch the top spot in the market, creative ways of serving clients have been embraced. More companies have come up with measures that have been directed at enhancing the service delivery system with focus on cost-effectiveness and efficiency. The healthcare industry on has grown over the years with new players that are more focused to delivering a better experience offering stiff competition.

InnovaCare Health is among companies that have been highlighted in the managed healthcare sector for instituting new strategies that are working in favor of customers. Across the entire Puerto Rico region, InnovaCare Health has been ranked as the best company when it comes to offering physician practice services. Through the integration of the system of serving clients with new technology, the company has been able to eliminate the challenges that prevail in the service delivery process.

Recent reports show that InnovaCare Health has experienced a growth in number of clients who order Medicare Advantage services. About ten years ago, the company served less than 10,000 customers but today the number has increased to more than 200,000. These changes are attributed to the change in the system the company has embraced, specifically the integration of technology that has brought about cost-effectiveness.

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New hiring season
Additionally, InnovaCare Health has hired new professionals to various executive positions, who have helped in the drafting and implementation of vital plans. Jonathan Meyers, appointed to head the actuarial department, brought to the company exceptional skills that will add on to the great strategies laid for prosperity. He boasts of experience working on the Medicare program and he is confident that his contribution will streamline the services offered in that category.

Also among professionals hired to work at InnovaCare Health is Mike Sortino, who comes out as an experienced accountant. Having worked with renowned companies like HCC Specialty, Mike Sortino will head the accounting and finance departments to transform the management of projects initiated by the company.

Successful leadership
To understand the core driving force that has led InnovaCare Heath to become great, it is vital to look at the leaders behind the process. Dr. Rick Shinto has steered the company as the CEO and is the brain behind many programs including hiring new executives to various positions.

With support from Penelope Kokkinides, he has managed to steer the company to become the most preferred choice in Puerto Rico. Penelope Kokkinides is the acting Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health.