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FreedomPop Has Several Ways Of Helping Their Customers Save Money

Even people who have been with a wireless provider for years may finally want to make the switch to another phone company after some time. The reason why they may want to switch is because their current wireless provider may have raised their rates, or they may just be sick and tired of being held to a contract by their company. FreedomPop doesn’t have contracts, which is why a lot of people now choose them as their wireless company. FreedomPop is happy to be a contract-free company, and they are even happier that they can offer low prices to their customers.

As of 2016, the services shown in a past FreedomPop review have been updated, especially the free service, so those who used to only get 500 free text messages will now have unlimited text messages. There is still 200 minutes of talk time and also 200 MB of data. The data that is included with the free plan can always be extended to a higher amount, depending on if the FreedomPop customer completes any offers or does other things that are necessary to get free data. It’s also possible to pay for extra data at the price of two cents per megabyte.

Anyone who feels that paying per megabyte after their free data is used up is going to be too much for them, they are encouraged to use Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet. It’s even possible to use Wi-Fi service completely to have free service from FreedomPop, and this option is only a five-dollar monthly charge. With the Wi-Fi service option, the user will be able to make phone calls through Wi-Fi, send text messages over Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi will be used to give them data as well. The Wi-Fi service is also unlimited.

Not everyone is going to be a fan of the free cell phone service, so FreedomPop is also offering the unlimited service for $19.99. With the unlimited service, there is no data limit, just a limit on the amount of 4G LTE data that’s given, which is 1 GB. Unlimited 3G data is provided to every customer who has the unlimited plan after they’ve used their 4G data. The great thing about the FreedomPop unlimited plan is that it’s at least $30 cheaper than what most other companies want to charge for the same plan, so this benefits the FreedomPop customers.