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US Money Reserve Makes Major Contribution to Hurricane Harvey Relief

The affects of Hurricane Harvey are still being felt in southern Texas, as the region that was devastated by the massive historic storm is slowly rebuilding. The need for assistance is still significant in much of the area, and especially in neighborhoods that were close to local waterways and below the massive dam that was released. Relief fund campaigns have been ongoing ever since the storm ended, as many local businesses chipped in to help with financial recovery resources. One of those companies is U.S. Money Reserve, a locally based distributor of government-authorized gold, silver, and platinum coins.


The U.S. Money Reserve YouCaring website was used as a funding page for all who wanted to contribute to the cause locally as opposed to contributions to national charitable organizations. Many contributors were concerned about money being directly distributed to local individuals in need, which is exactly what will happen with funds gathered by YouCaring. U.S. Money Reserve has matched all of the money donated bringing the total contribution to $215,000 for use in the immediate area.


U.S. Money Reserve has been located in southern Texas ever since opening in 2001 with a mission of combining excellent customer service with an authentic precious metals purchase outlet as allowed by the United States Treasury. U.S. Money Reserve offers a wide variety of gold, silver, and platinum coins that are printed and certified by the government guaranteeing actual weight and quality. In addition, the company offers advice and publications educating clients and customers on the need to have precious metals as part of any personal financial portfolio. The precious metals retail company has maintained offices in both Austin and Beaumont, Texas.


The need for assistance following Hurricane Harvey was realized within the company as well as the community due to the fact that several of their employees and their families were victims of devastating storm. Instead of merely helping their employees recover, U.S. Money Reserve established a philanthropic drive to collect a basic fund to which they would match the total contribution. The final receipts and check was delivered to the Austin Disaster Relief Fund Management team shortly before Thanksgiving in late November.

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