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Boston’s Finest Psychotherapist

Psychotherapy is the treatment of a disorder or illness with psychological means rather than going about medical procedures. While this is an obviously tough task, Patty Rocklage has proven time and time again her progressive and appreciable skill as a licensed psychotherapist can get the job done.

Her Work

With 20 years of experience in her profession, Patty has developed the skills she needs to help clients overcome the struggles of their daily lives, as well as more complicated issues such as a finances and familial disputes. Her track record shows that her clients come from all walks of life, yet still can find that sense of familiarity as they work with Patty to overcome their problems. Patty went to the University of Southern California and graduated with degrees in psychology in 1981.

Now, she is licensed in Massachusetts to practice psychotherapy, which has been her profession since she graduated. This shows her extreme commitment to her job, and the signs of development and greatness are marked all across Patty’s continuous effort to help those in need. Learn more about Patty Rocklage: and

Her Vision

Much like her commitment to her clients and patients, Patty and husband Scott have shown tremendous interest in the foundations for students who wish to pursue the wonders of a post-graduate education.

They have demonstrated this interest by donating a major gift to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, that helps cover costs for the improvement of Professor of Chemistry Moungi Bawendi’s lab space for nanotechnology and nanochemistry.

Patty Rocklage has shown her tremendous love for working with others and improving their lives in ways unimaginable.