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Dick Devos Continues To Support John F. Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts

In one way or another arts have existed as long as man’s history. Art is part of our daily lives we cannot deny it, and is present in all cultures in the world. Almost everybody has an appreciation for art and enjoying creating it or observing it. As an integral part of our culture, art provides us with a deeper understanding of our self-awareness and emotions. Arts makes different communities appear beautiful, arts inspires and motivates us. Some have gone a long way to support arts by volunteering or financing arts platforms.


John F. Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts is America busiest cultural institutions and feature excellent performance. Each year, it hosts about 3000 performance of dance, theater, and music across multitudes stages and grand venues such as concert hall, Eisenhower, and opera house.


In 2013, leaders of Kennedy Centre announced planned to expand the facility. The expansion work involves constructing a riverfront pavilion and a new pedestrian bridge that will link the Kennedy Centre and the Pavilion. The plan also includes construction of three more pavilions, multipurpose rooms, specialized space for education and rehearsal, and offices and dining.


However, according to Kennedy Centre press release, the planned expansion has blown its fundraising target by $50 million. Rather than collapsing the project, more philanthropists like Dick Devos have continued to donate more to the facility. Dick Devos along with other philanthropist have demonstrated a commitment to the expansion plan, which is yet to be completed by 2018. The fact that the expansion project is funded by donations indicates passions for arts in our community.


This was not the first time Dick Devos family are supporting Kennedy Centre and arts in our community. Earlier, through the Dick and Betsy foundation, they donated $22.5 million to train cultural and arts leaders in the country. Further, they have established Devos Institute of Arts Management at Kennedy Centre with about $2.5 million yearly support.


Dick Devos is the son of Richard Devos, Amway founder. He is an accomplished entrepreneur has created a fortune in the business world. In response to financial blessings, he has received over the years, Dick and his wife Betsy founded the Dick and Betsy Charity as a vehicle to give back to the community. Often, the charity has donated to various community initiatives. In particular, the family has donated heavily to education including founding West Michigan Aviation Academy. Indeed, it is blessing to see there are Americans who care deeply about art and it role in education and human life.

George Soros’ Open Society Foundations News

James O’Keefe Called George Soros Open Society Foundations Under Another Name

Open Society Foundation, an organization formed in the mid-1980s recently became prey to a fraudulent phone call from James O’Keefe, who introduced himself as Kesh, according to Raw Story (May 20th, 2016). Mr. O’Keefe is a conservative activist in the United States and has covertly recorded audio and video with some editing of individuals, politicians, and organizations, including governmental and social service. His attempt to gain access to George Soros Open Society Foundations was a failure after a source reported to Raw Story information about an audio with the voice of O’Keefe. It isn’t uncommon for James to pull such tactics of prank phone calling organizations.

The way O’Keefe was exposed involved him not hanging up the phone with an unknown source. The source alleges that he or she has a recording of James leaving a message to Dana Geraghty, Open Society Foundations worker. In the message, he said to Ms. Geraghty that he was Hungarian-American and would like to get involved in her fight for European values.

Geraghty and Stone was appalled about the message, but didn’t put it pass James O’Keefe, based on his past on Christopher Stone works with Open Society Foundations to help with its mission to build government accountable societies that involve the people, regardless of race or religion. He is an international professional with years of experience leading & governing non-profit organizations and reform of criminal justice. Open Society continues to provide solutions for issues pertaining to health, access to information, education, rights, governance, and justice. Read full article on

George Soros was born in Budapest and left Hungary when he was 19 years of age. George Soros moved to England and attended London School of Economics before relocating to the United States. In the early 1960s, he became a U.S. citizen and founded Soros Fund Management, a private owned partnership. George Soros is known as one of the top hedge fund managers in New York and global.

The first Open Society Foundation was founded in Budapest and presently has offices in Europe, Asia, New York City, and other countries. Mr. George Soros has written novels, essays and articles concerning social issues, politics, investment strategies, and economic forecasting. Open Society Foundations didn’t fall prey to James O’Keefe and is aware of the conservative manipulative behavior to exposing certain organizations by altering audio and video recordings. Mr. Stone and Geraghty believes the message was actually a prank.

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Avi Weisfogal, His Philanthropic Work And His Efforts To Fight Sleep Disorders

Avi Weisfogal is well-known philanthropist and dentist. The started his philanthropic work long ago but came to the limelight of philanthropy after he formed the GoFund Me campaign. The GoFund Me campaign is a charity campaign that is aimed to raise money for Operation Smile Charity. According to Avi Weisfogal, he was inspired to start the GoFundMe campaign from the inspiration he got from how he saw the Operation Smile changing lives by helping the needy children. This ignited a spark in him and he felt that he wanted to be part of Operation Smile in his unique way.

The GoFund Me campaign raises money that it donates to Operation Smile charity. The Operation Smile charity is a charity organization that strives to offer free medical treatment especially surgery to children from poor backgrounds suffering from oral deformities. The donations from Avi Weisfogal’s GoFundMe campaign goes along the way to ensure that Operation Smiles can reach out to more children and help them. The GoFund Me campaign and the Operations Smile charity also equip local hospitals with the necessary equipment needed to handle oral surgeries and trains the doctors and nurses in the facilities on how to perform the surgeries. It also takes care of the cost of surgery for the needy children and the medical and clinical care.

Avi Weisfogal is also a practicing dentist who has received many recognition awards due to his good medical practice. He is one if the best dentist the United States can offer and has a lot of experience in oral health. He has been practicing dentistry for over 16 years and has managed to work with different medical practitioners on patients with different types and levels of dental problems and successfully help them.

He head been working on sleep-related disorders for a long time and during this time managed to come up with a way oral equipment can be used by dentists to relieve sleep-related complications.

Avi Weisfogal also runs seminars to teach doctors and patients on how they can deal with sleep-related disorders. Avi has participated in various health forums that seek to find a permanent solution for sleep disorders.

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Keith Mann: Education Philanthropist

Mann is the Co-Founder of Dynamic Search Partners and is the Managing Director. Dynamic Search Partners specializes in hedge funds and alternative investments. They primarily provide executive search services and alternate staffing needs for the more major equity firms. Mann began as the Manager of the Alternative Investments Division. He quickly rose through the ranks, making his way to Vice President of the entire company.

Keith Mann has been working in the executive search industry for more than 16 years. He’s also an expert in hedge fund compensation and staffing and hiring strategy. After leaving the position of Managing Director in 2002, he launched the Alternative Investment Practice within Dynamics Executive Search. Keith Mann noticed that the hedge fund industry was a rapidly growing market that was being underserved by much of the search community. He expanded his practice into private equity in 2006 and established Dynamics Search Partners in 2009. It became a premier executive search firm that is dedicated exclusively to alternative investment firms.

Keith Mann is an avid advocator for education and a philanthropist. As one of the founders of Dynamic Search Partners, he is dedicated to identifying strong leaders and coupling them with companies to cultivate success. He has now established the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement, which is an award designed to acknowledge the next generation of innovative business leaders. The Manns are partnering with Uncommon Schools, a non-profit charter management organization.

Joe Frick, a college counselor at Uncommon Charter High School, says, “We are grateful to Keith and Keely Mann for implementing this generous scholarship program at our school. This scholarship will help to ensure that one of our students has the means to attend a four-year college.” Any student wanting to apply for this scholarship are asked to write a 1000-word essay, explaining how a college degree would aid them in achieving their professional goals.

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