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Venezuelan Citizens Look to Push Out Current President

In Caracas and other key areas of Venezuela, opponents of current Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduros joined together to rally support for a referendum. A referendum would result in the President’s term being shortened. This opposition comes from citizens that are mostly moderate right-wingers.
RNCelinea reports that the leaders of the opposition cite the recent economic crisis as a key reason for their dislike of sitting president Maduros. The backlash began strongly in January when these opponents promised to push President Maduros out of office.

A major problem the opposition faces is that the process of a referendum is the responsibility of the National Election Board and many claim that this is controlled by people aligned with the President. Due to this dilemma, those leading the opposition have began to seek alternate ways to push Maduros out. One of these alternative methods is to attempt to push a bill through the country’s legislative system that would end Maduro’s term.

All of the available methods for ousting President Maduros seem to run into road blocks. The problem with attempting to push a bill that would end the term short is that the President appeal to the Supreme Court and block the bill, something which he has already done.