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George Soros Suggests 34 Billion Dollars Could Fix EU Refugee Crisis

David Reid of CNBC shared with his readers on the highlights of George Soros Better Plan for Refugees. Mr. Soros has shared his view on the crises in the UE in many of his essays. In an interview with Gregor Peter Schmitz of WirtschaftsWoche magazine, Mr. George Soros commended German Chancellor Angela Merkel for recognizing that the migration crisis having the potential to destroy the EU. He identified the crises as the debt problem in Greece which is now a holding spot for refugees, dealing with Russia and the Ukraine, the migration crisis and a potential British referendum of possibly withdrawing from the EU.

One of the highlights included in the CNBC recount is the potential for a catastrophe in Greece. Illegal refugees that fee the Middle East and Africa and cross into Europe are being returned to Turkey and for every person sent back, the EU will accept on Syrian refugee that is currently in a Turkish camp. George Soros suggested in his essay “The Case For Surge Funding,” that funding a large scale program to address the problem would be reassuring to both citizens and refugees rather than breeding panic. George Soros continues along this line by expanding on migration reforms that offers support both for the refugees seeking asylum as well as European communities and their citizens.

The $34 billion that is recommended is to enact a comprehensive plan on that provide adequate funding to maintain the large refugee population, creating a common EU asylum agency and address the humanitarian chaos in Greece as well as establish a process for the EU to receive and integrate refugees. Mutual agreement among the member states could have a positive outcome for both the refugees and the countries that will improve economic, political and social dynamics. Mr. George Soros sees the solution to the problem of raising funds as generating the necessary political will. He feels that the solution lies in funding the front line countries with bonds backed by the EU’s AAA credit rating , as governments have done throughout history.

In the EU collapse interview published in January, Mr. Soros stated the need for a European asylum policy and a comprehensive plan. His outline of the plan included that asylum seekers reach Europe in a safe, orderly process at a pace the EU’s ability to absorb then. He is revealing more and more details of a workable plan to extend humanitarian support of those fleeing unimaginable circumstances. The crisis should be viewed as a global problem rather than an EU problem because many nations contributed to it and effectively solving the problem will have global consequences. It can be viewed as the evolution of man on a global scale and offers the world a chance to unite under the banner of human rights and a minimum standard of living for all. It also requires a legitimate desire to be a beacon and shining example of helping others to live the dream.

How to Use Keywords to Have an Effective SEO Campaign


Everyone in digital marketing has been catching onto the importance of SEO marketing. However, there are many even in the niche of digital marketing that do not know the depths of SEO marketing. The most important part of SEO marketing is most definitely keywords. It is very important to have the right keywords and keyword placement in your digital content. This is the backbone of great SEO work. These keywords will be used to identify your business not only by search engines but also by potential customers and clients. It is important to learn the ins and outs of SEO keywords or to have the help of a seasoned SEO professional to help you with your SEO marketing campaign.

One of the biggest questions in SEO is how many keywords should be used. The first and most important thing to review is your main keyword in your title. This will allow readers and search engines to more easily understand what your article is all about. You will also want to make sure that the keyword of your choosing in the main headline. Having a proper meta description with your target keyword will also help you to have greater SEO results.

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