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How Eric Lefkofsky is cutting down healthcare costs in U.S.

Patients’ care has become increasingly intense and expensive. The higher charges have seen the increase in the level of spending. Nevertheless, other factors such as aging, population growth, high drug prices and others have been identified as biggest drivers of spending increase. Based on the research done, there are no results showing the value that comes with expensive healthcare. However, something can be done to mitigate the high cost and ease the burden of the already high cost of living. One of the key players is Erick Lefkosky the co-founder of Tempus and the Lefkofsky foundation.

Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur whose passion is driven by enhancing the quality of human life. Notable in his work is how passionate he is about caring for cancer patients. He co-founded Lefkofsky Family Foundation with his wife in 2006 with a mission to boost innovative medical research. The aim was to support high-impact programs, initiatives and research that enhance human life.

Their funding in Education, healthcare, fundamental human rights and medical research has had a positive impact. The foundation has given one of its largest donations to Northshore University Health System in recent years. Lurie Children’s Memorial Hospital also received a huge chunk. This is attributed to Lefkofsky’s board membership and the Lefkofsky Family Pediatric Intensive Care Unit on site.

The foundation also gives generously to facilitate cancer research. Various institutions like Stanford University, Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, and the University of Michigan received $500,000, $1 million, and $1.2 million respectively in donation. In the spirit of a philanthropist, He became a member of The Giving Pledge together with his wife. Half of their lifetime’s wealth would go to philanthropy.

He also co-founded Tempus. Tempus is a health startup known to build an operating system to fight cancer. As a CEO, Lefkofsky ensures that the company helps doctors better understand patients’ tumors. They assist in creation of better care plan and treatment. At Tempus there are 29 employees, some of whom formerly worked with big companies. Through artificial intelligence, they could personalize therapies for patients at incredibly low prices compared to decades ago.

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