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Pop Star Rihanna Sports Eye-Catching Custom Boots On Her World Tour


Any fashion lover that is worth their designer purse knows that choosing the right pair of shoes can complete and define any outfit. Choosing the wrong pair of shoes, however, can turn a meticulously-planned outfit into a fashion miss. According to, the effortlessly stylish pop star Rihanna has chosen to sport an undeniably fashionable pair of shoes for her ANTI World Tour.

Rihanna is known for outfit choices that consistently place her among the most eclectic and well-dressed celebrities in the world and her choice to wear boots designed by Giuseppe Zanotti are no different. The structure of the boots are bit like what you might see a fisherman wearing as they trudge through waist-deep water only they are much, much more stylish and aren’t made of rubber. The boots have ruching on and around the ankles, calves and thighs. They also have a stacked heel which, as The Hollywood Reporter notes, is a marked difference from Giuseppe Zanotti’s penchant for designing shoes with stiletto heels. The boots cover the Consideration singer’s legs and thighs and are held up by a cream-colored belt around her waist.

The reason for the long wait? The boots needed to be equal parts eye-catching and functional or as Giuseppe put it, strike the balance between being an “outstanding performance piece” and a “comfortable option for the stage.” The boots’ designer also told The Hollywood Reporter that he enjoyed collaborating with Rihanna’s team to bring their ideas for the pop star’s world tour to fruition.

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