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The Teachings Of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is said to be about losing one self and having less ego. In order to receive and understand the teaching of Kabbalah, one has to have an open mind and must be willing to accept what is being taught. Your perception must be heighten if you want to understand what creation is. Kabbalah is said to be separated into three groups. Hypothetical, this concerns the theory of the subject. Spiritual works, which includes souls and angels and Magical Kabbalah. This is because it relates to adapting and impacting the course of nature. Having such wonderful manes as amulets,incarnations and magical seals.

Still, when it come to magical Kabbalah it is rarely used. It has to be mastered. One has to have complete knowledge and, even so, it is said to be quite dangerous. R.Joseph Della Reina, was known to be one of the masters of magical Kabbalah. It has been said that while trying to use his powers to finalize redemption, he ended up getting seriously hurt. Some said that he took his own life, while others said that he turned into an Apostle, or may have even lost his mind. All these sayings make Kabbalists stay clear of magical Kabbalah.

Meditative Kabbalah was never practice much around 1240-1296. But, R.Abraham Abulafia, the founder of Prophetic Kabbalah, believed through meditation, one can predict what is about to happen. He thought that if the written word was repeated in different ways by grouping and separating them, one can experience a higher state of consciousness. This lead to many of his followers to strongly disagree with him. He penned about forty books in his lifetime but, most was never published. It was also understood that he never attained the level of conscientiousness that he sort.

In 1965 the Kabbalah Centre was founded in New York by Phillip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein. After Brandwein passing, Berg’s wife and their sons joined him in the day to day operation. The Kabbalah Headquarters was established in 1984 in Los Angels. It is also a not for profit organization. Their students are taught to understand fully the Hebrew and Jewish text. They see some of the passages in the Bible as actually historical events. Followers must have a relationship with God. They are also strong believers of Astrology. In order to understand fully what is Kabbalah, one has to join the organization. Visit the Kabbalah Centre on their website to learn more about locations and events.