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Cancer Treatment Centers of America – Here to Serve

Recent Agreement – PR Newswire Writes All About It

The Cancer Treatment Center of America or CTCA is open 24/7 for online chat assistance and questions. You may visit us at, and we offer assistance for numerous types of cancers including breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and ovarian cancer. The CTCA headquarters are in Boca Raton, Fla., and this special, non-profit network of five affiliate hospitals serves cancer patients all throughout the U.S. Its approach to cancer is uniquely innovative; it integrates cancer care using conventional methods such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and even immunotherapy to eliminate all cancer at the source while integrating other therapies for managing its side effects. Unbeknownst to most, the side effects are not only pain, fatigue and nausea, but they may also include initial depression, anxiety, malnutrition, and even resulting lymphedema.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America was originally founded and based in Schaumburg, Ill., but moved to Boca Raton, Fla., in January 2015; this was also where it got its new name: the current abbreviated name of the CTCA. The CTCA was originally founded by Richard J Stevenson, and the idea of its formation began after his ill mother died after a long and painful battle with cancer. Stephenson was unsatisfied with the current availability of options for treating cancer and thus decided to open the original CTCA hospital in 1988.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America
After initial success, he opened four other hospitals within the next decade, and they only grew in popularity and success. In recent news, the CTCA has partnered with All scripts and Nant Health to initiate Clinical Pathways, which is a treatment platform for custom oncology and is likewise nearly all-inclusive. You may read more by following the link above.

How does its member-funded model keep Avaaz independent?

If you have ever been involved with a non-profit organization or a social or political activist network, you probably know that at some point they lose their independence and begin to renege on their values.

This usually happens when the organization accepts corporate or governmental money, and is then forced to take notice of and act upon what that body wants them to do.

This is why the founders of Avaaz, the world’s largest social and political activist network, vowed they would never take money from a corporation or a governmental body. In the seven years they have been in existence, they never have.

Instead, all of their donations come from individual members and its this member-funded model that keeps Avaaz completely in control of its own destiny.

The freedom to be autonomous — It is rare any organization is allowed to be autonomous. It is especially rare when it is a social or political organization.

When Avaaz was first founded, however, the people involved decided they would only accept money from individual donors and only up to a specific amount. This would allow them to never be pressured into going in a direction they did not want to go in, nor be forced to ignore issues they knew were critical.

Money is donated to other organizations to help them stay independent — Along with that, Avaaz decided, if a critical issue occurred and they felt another organization could have a larger impact than they could, then the money they had received in donations would be funneled on to that organization.

That is why Ebola organizations were given $2 million, a rainforest conservation group received over $1 million and relief organizations in Pakistan were given a sizable sum.

Not only was Avaaz able to keep its autonomy, but funding other organizations in need helped them keep some of their autonomy as well.

The member-funded model Avaaz has operated under since inception has allowed them to mobilize more than 44 million members to effect change on more than 333 million actions to date.

Not bad for an organization that is still in its first decade of life.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Capital Group Ranks As One Of The Leading Global Asset Managers

Capital Group is one of the leading investment management corporations in the globe. Recently, Timothy Armour was elected to serve as Capital Group’s chairman. This follows the death of Jim Rothenberg, the former company’s chairman. Jim took decisive actions in the long-term interests of associates, investors and clients. The company has a succession plan that started some years ago. It was formalized on July 28, 2015.

Timothy Armour is an alumnus of the Middlebury College where he graduated with a Bachelor of Economics degree. He joined Capital Group of companies in 1983 through their Associates Program. Here, he dealt with service and telecommunication companies in the U.S. He has vast experience in matters of investment. Timothy serves as the principal executive officer and director at Capital Research and Management Corporation. He is also an equity portfolio manager. Tim is the chairman and CEO of Capital Group. In addition, he chairs Capital Group Companies Management Committee. Timothy Armour resides in Los Angeles.

Discussing investments with the Wall Street Journal, Timothy Armour urges the public to enlist the services of active managers that earn their keep. He contends that success is found in studying the information of a given company against the probability for the future. For instance, at one time Blockbuster got to the peak of business with $5 billion in revenues while the new Netflix was considered inexperienced. Later, as Netflix reported $45 billion in revenue and operated as a going concern, Blockbuster went bankrupt. Janet Yang, CFA posits that the success of Capital Group is anchored on the contributions made by Timothy Armour. He has been looking at the needs and demand of businesses and requirements of workers.

Recently, Capital Group entered into partnership with Samsung Asset Management (SAM). This collaboration creates hope for the future with respect to corporate retirement plans. The two companies plan to work together in developing retirement solutions and products related to asset allocation. They will also zero in on augmenting SAM’s capability in active investment.

Morningstar issued Capital Group’s subsidiary, American Fund with a Stewardship Grade. This overall grade, an A, takes into account the quality of the fund’s board, corporate culture, fees, regulatory history and incentives for the fund manager. Capital Group is regarded as one of the strongest leaders of investor’s capital. Considering that its history dates back to eight decades ago, Capital Group has over $1.4 trillion in assets. The company’s multimanager system has enhanced operations and service offing. With a Corporate Culture rating of A, Capital Group continues to invest, generate meaningful results and providing financial advice to its broad client base. To this end, the corporation is one of the largest asset managers in the world.

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