José Auriemo Neto Providing JHSF with Great Leadership

José Auriemo Neto is a Brazilian real estate developer who has done a lot for the real estate industry in the country. He currently works as the chairman and CEO of JHSF Participacoes SA, one of the leading real estate development companies in Brazil. The company has developed several world-class residential and commercial properties in Brazil and continues to do so under the leadership of José Auriemo Neto. While he oversees the company’s operations, his main responsibility is the management of JHSF’s portfolio of retail properties and shopping malls. He has been doing a great job at this so far.

José Auriemo Neto was the brilliant mind behind the Cidade Jardim shopping complex which is located in Sao Paolo. The mall has greatly boosted the economy of Sao Paolo and attracted investors from all over the world. It has a bank, a college, several restaurants, an outdoor garden and several designer stores including Jimmy Choo, Pucci, Valentino and Hermes. José Auriemo Neto goes out of his way to ensure that all the malls and other properties owned and managed by JHSF are always in good condition so that both the tenants and their customers are always satisfied.

Ever since 1993 when he joined JHSF, José has been committed to the company’s goals and determined to improve its services. Just four years after joining the company, he founded Parkbem, a parking lot management company. The company provided great parking lot management services to almost all JHSF properties. José holds a degree from the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University. To know more about him click here.


José Auriemo Neto’s relentlessness is what has enabled him to provide such excellent leadership to JHSF in today’s tough business environment. Over two decades since he joined the company, José is still as committed to JHSF as he was in the beginning. This is why JHSF keeps soaring to greater heights under his leadership.

Madison Street Capital Shine in their Operations

Madison Street Capital has its headquarters in Chicago, and it operates exclusively in the line of offering banking services to businesses both locally and globally. The bank also provides investment services to their many clients who have been investing with them for ages due to the excellent and reliable services that they offer.

Madison has been the answer that many businesses and entrepreneurs have been praying for because it has been a breakthrough for the economy of Chicago. The company is headed by Charles Botchway who is the current president and chief executive officer.

Apart from investment services, the organization also provides professional financial advice to their most valuable clients. The advice that they offer mainly concerns how to manage profits that accrue in the business, how to apply for loans, how to get a financial institution to trust with savings and investments and even how to manage businesses regardless of whether they are small or large scale.

Vital Care is living proof that Madison Street Capital is indeed reputable because their business operations have been thriving due to the help and advice that they have been getting from the banking institution.

Since Vital Care consulted with Madison Street Capital, they have expanded in their supply chain for their medical supplies and equipment. The medical supplies can now reach a wide range of medical facilities hence the large volumes of profits at the edge of each financial year. Learn more about Madison Street Capital Reputation: and

The medical company has also acquired better ways of getting loans from reputable banks and other financial institutions hence being the primary steering wheel behind their great expansions.

Madison Street Capital has been thriving majorly due to the competence of their well-trained staff. These employees have always worked hard to ensure that both the long-term and short-term goals of the company are efficiently met.

They have been the reason why Madison has been pulling awards from the various award-giving institutions for being excellent in customer service. The company won the M&A Awards and the Turnaround Award at the same time due to their significant achievements in the financial business.

They were also appreciated for having uplifted a bigger section of the economy. Secondly, the firm has had many of his employees received awards from different prominent organizations due to their incredible working standards. The company also lowered the rates for their transactions and this was a great relief for the young entrepreneurs and even investors.

Madison Street Capital reputation is excellent even in community service. The banks raised generous donations towards helping people who suffered the damages that were caused by the severe weather in some parts of the United States of America.

Indeed Madison Street Capital has been a breakthrough to so many.

Colibri Studios’ Bridget Scarr: An Inspiring Journey in Content Production

Bridget Scarr is a British writer and creative director. She currently plies her trade at Colibri Studios, a company that she founded in 2008. Colibri Studios deals with content production in many forms such as virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive exhibitions, as well as other digital content. Her role in the company primarily entails content development, partnerships, and strategy. She engages project partners, international broadcasters and creative talent to bring new projects to life.


Prior to founding Colibri Studios, Bridget Scarr worked in advertising, animation, and television as an executive producer, amassing over a decade worth of experience. She oversaw both small and big groups in various productions such as factual entertainment programming, lifestyle, entertainment, children’s animation, and drama. It is later on that she decided to delve into creative and development aspects associated with content creation. This shift was what led to the inception of Colibri Studios.


At Colibri Studios, the scope of Scarr’s work became wider. It was meant to deal with virtual reality, TV production, augmented reality, and exhibition all under one roof. As far as her career is concerned, Scarr singles out virtual reality as her personal favorite. VR offers limitless possibilities ranging from education to the health sector where it can fulfill a patient’s dying wish. It can take one to places, which would probably have been impossible in the real world.


Scarr is a believer in the fact that creativity is one of the most powerful agents of change. She states that it has been an outlet in her personal life, and it has got her through tough times. Creativity has also seen her develop amazing connections in her life, including with her inner self in the wake of difficult moments. Scarr adds meditation on top of this, and it works well in her life helping her leap through whatever obstacles she comes across in life.


As a writer, Scarr always tries to reach out to aspiring entrepreneurs, urging them to work hard and learn from their mistakes. She points out to the challenges she faced earlier in her business and how she managed to overcome them and come out on top.


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Anthony Petrello philanthropic mission that will save life of thousands of children

Anthony Petrello’s daughter was diagnosed with a neurological disorder very early in her life. Right from birth, Carena had a condition that was threatening her life. The neurological disorder barred her from talking, eating or walking. The only area he has made good progress so far is, eating. However, this was after a long time of training her how to chew food. Until she was seven, she could only feed on liquid foods. Currently, she is being taken through the process of learning how to talk and walk. This condition on Petrello’s daughter has motivated him to make great sacrifices in a bid to see that her daughter’s health condition is resolved.

Anthony Petrello has vowed to spend his money to find a solution for neurological disorders like the one his daughter is suffering from. Anthony has already started donating money to be spent in funding research at the Texas Children’s Hospital’s Neurological Research Centre. Anthony and his wife have decided to mobilize funds that will see an advanced research center put up in Texas to conduct brain research for children.

The situation that Petrello and his wife have found themselves in was precipitated by premature birth of their daughter. Some of her organs had not developed sufficiently such that her body would carry out functions effectively. Carena was born at six months. She was diagnosed with a condition known as periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). Although this is a common disorder in premature babies, it puts them at a risk of developing other complications. Carena is one of those unlucky. As a result of insufficient blood in her brain she developed a condition known as Cerebral Palsy. This is a condition that leads to poor child’s growth as well as affecting motion capabilities of a child.

According to Cynthia, Petrello, their daughter’s condition has humbled everything in their life, despite being successful in life, this condition has made them humble and focused on finding solutions. She says they had gone to the extent of kneeling down daily and seeking for divine intervention so that their daughter can get well.

About Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is a business executive at Nabors Industries, a drilling company from Texas, U. S. He has been the CEO of the company since 2011. During his tenure, he is lauded for making great contributions that have made the company a global leader in the drilling industry.

Before becoming a business executive, Anthony Petrello was a lawyer with Baker& McKenzie law firm in New York.

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Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Strongly Opposed To Human Oppression

Some human discrimination and segregation are totally and completely uncalled for. Regardless of whether you are a migrant or an immigrant, everybody deserves protection from the state. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Nonetheless, the Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal bill did not provide this protection. In fact, it had poorly defined clauses that could be otherwise interpreted legally and lead to ill-treatment of immigrants. Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund among other non-profit based organizations radically stood against the bill.

The bill speculated that asylum seekers would be deported back to their countries even if they were war-torn. This would happen without trial or even the victims having committed no crime. Allegations of being a criminal gang member would render one to be arrested, detained and deported.

The HR3697 bill defined a gang member as one with a range of behaviors for consecutive five years and in association or club. This is an unsupported basis and therefore biased.

These human injustices would escalate as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement would be overly empowered to detain DACA, TPS, Asylums who escaped Central American following gang violence because they forcefully got conjoined in the gang crimes. Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund in their intelligence found no reason to subject immigrants such harsh conditions.

Besides, this would not solve the underlying issue of gang crimes through unethical deportation of an immigrant with no past or present criminal wrongdoings. In the organization’s sight, the current administration is in no effort to address the real issue.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is a community-based organization seeking to bring to end social injustices. It is a crusader of migrant, immigrant, human, and civil rights in Arizona up to the La Linea fronteriza border.

It has advocated for a range of issues through campaigns such as governance where it has always pushed for public participation and respect for the freedom of speech. It successfully brought down the la machine political strategies involving the military in 2014.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the co-founders of Lacey & Larkin Frontera fund, a migrant rights organization. The duo was writers and content contributors for the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. At the time freedom of expression had not been upheld like it is today. An article they wrote about the Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County was doomed to violate the county’s secrecy provisions.

Lacey and Larkin found themselves arrested and detained for these charges. The populace was somewhat enlightened and therefore caused an uproar demand for the duo to be released. Subsequently, they were released but with a fight back to the Sheriff using a lawsuit.

In 2007, they received $3.75 million in compensation for the arrest and detention. The duo decisively chose to establish a civic organization and this how the Frontera Fund.

It has since then pushed for biased constitutional provisions and bills; whistleblowing on the ills and fearlessly airing out issues of bad governance. It has now become the eye and voice of the Arizonans and United States as a whole.

New Year 2017: New Hopes for Brazilian Investments According to Igor Cornelsen

The year 2016 was a great year for Brazil with the first Olympics hosted in South America. The athletes were well-treated and had a great experience. How will the year 2017 fare for the largest nation in South America: Brazil?

“Brazilians Excited for New Year 2017”

Blessed with an abundance of natural resources, such as coffee, gold and oil, Brazil is aiming to continue its high growth rates. One of the primary needs is to build a better infrastructure.

A developed nation needs to have a very efficient transportation system to move goods from the warehouses to the consumer.

China was happy to assist with a number of Brazil infrastructure projects, inking many important deals in 2016. With the spotlight on Brazil for the Rio Olympics, China also basked in the glory of being rising BRICS powerhouses.

“Itau Bank Stock Rising”

As Brazil recovered from its political challenges, some of its companies have started to rebound after November 2016. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Itau Bank is one of these firms, which is excited to provide the necessary capital for consumers and businesses to be productive. Its stock seems to be “unchained” and might be a good way to diversify your portfolio.

According to Investment Consultant Igor Cornelsen, “All investors should diversify their portfolios. This is important for minimizing risks. A diversified investing portfolio will increase a person’s ability to gain more revenue from different sources.” The year 2017 seems to be a year of change. Read more: Bros Don’t Let Bros Have Bad Breath: Toronto Oral Surgeon Cameron Clokie Helps You Make a Good First Impression

What exactly does an investment like Itau Bank have to offer? Wealth Manager Igor Cornelsen has explained that diversification is “important for minimizing risks,” but what does that mean in Plain English? It means that “you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

The United States has a new president and the United Kingdom has Brexit. If you are heavily invested in those two nations, then Brazil might be a nice addition.

Mr. Igor Cornelsen can explain how Brazil banks have consistently outperformed their American counterparts for the past few years. The Brazilian interest rate is higher, so the possibility for profits is higher. Be pro-active.

Learn more about Igor Cornelsen:

Travelling Vineyards: The Ultimate Way to Mix Business With Pleasure

They say that a good friend is like a bottle of wine and vice versa. Imagine having the two elements together, a good friend and a bottle of wine and at the same time make a few extra bucks off two of your favorite things while at the comfort of your home. It may sound like a dream, but traveling vineyards now makes it a reality for many people especially women who want to work and at the same time take care of their families. It mostly favors stay at home people who are over twenty-one years of age especially mothers because it involves hosting wine tasting parties.

Travelling vineyards understands that its success is based on the wine guides and that is why it works itself to the finger bone to make sure that they are comfortable and thoroughly knowledgeable. It accomplishes that by holding regional events which act as a platform for them to interact and exchange ideas and to also discuss and find solutions for any challenges. The support team is entirely efficient and is always working round the clock to connect hosts and answer all the questions which they may have to ensure that they are comfortable.

The company ensures that as its guide you are empowered with total knowledge regarding wine and the company itself by providing you with a somnology kit. The kit explains how to pair different types of wines with food and spice up your parties and also make the most out of it. To the newbie’s in the world of wine, they go through an online training program known as the tasting room where a local guru is assigned to walk with them every step of the way until they feel they are confident enough to start working independently. During the harvest, it gets even better as you get to enjoy socializing with other hosts, costume contests, dancing, a lot of food and wine too. With only $189 you get to enjoy all these benefits and earn while doing something you love. It is the ultimate way to mix business and pleasure.

About traveling vineyard

Travelling vineyards is a company which began in 2001 in Massachusetts, Ipswich to be precise and one which has seen tremendous growth since then as it is spread in more than forty countries with over 5000 wine guides. It is among the earliest companies to use wine tasting parties as a strategy to increase its sales while at the same time creating employment. It ensures that the guides can get the most out of it by offering bonus points based on monthly and overall sales and provides opportunities for them to grow by allowing them to form teams of their own under it after they feel they are knowledgeable enough.

Travelling Vineyard info:

Jose Auriemo Neto’s Management Prowess and How His Dedication to Duty is Helping JHSF Grow

José Auriemo Neto, chairman and CEO of JHSF, has been instrumental in seeing the company grow from a level to another. His commitment and dedication towards seeing the firm grow can never be put to question. In September 2015, for example, the executive moved his family to the United States and settled there for about half a year so that he could closely monitor the construction of JHSF 5-star hotel in New York. He took his kids for enrollment in New York schools so that he could concentrate on work without having to worry about family back home. His wife, Mariana Auriemo was also there to assist her husband.

While in New York, Jose announced that the five-star hotel apartment would not be sold but would instead be rented out. The apartment is strategically positioned in the heart of the big city, right in front of the Central Park along the 5th Avenue. The move to rent out the apartment instead of selling is, according to Jose Auriemo, a strategic business move to ensure that JSHF gets more returns from the investment.

Young & Promising

Having joined JHSF as a teenager, Jose Auriemo Neto understands the company’s operations inside out. Furthermore, he rose to the presidency position at the company aged 27 years, and that made him one of the most promising young entrepreneurs in Brazil. He boasts of a majority of the shares in the company, having acquired some from his dad, a former CEO of the company.

Management Prowess

Jose’s management prowess was seen three years ago when he split JHSF’s management team into four segments namely shopping, airports, hotel, and residential & commercial apartments. For each of the segments, Jose assigned one CEO to head. Some of the executives who were appointed to the new CEO positions included Eduardo Camara who had served as an executive for almost a decade.


US Money Reserve Comes to the Rescue of Texans in Times of Dire Need

This year, Texas was badly hit by Hurricane Harvey, which is the biggest hurricane since Hurricane Wilma in the year 2005. In the unfortunate event, many Texas flee, leaving their properties for destruction. However, some were not that lucky- they perished from the floods. After three horrible days, the survivors were left to recollect their lives.

After the hurricane, those that were lucky enough to have escaped the wrath of the storms opened up their homes to help. Schools even opened to serve food to the kids and the local shop owners gave up their stores as shelter.

So many people came forward to help. In addition, many non-profit organizations started donating to the course.

One of the organizations that came forward is the Austin Disaster Relief Network. This is a non-profit organization based in Texas. The main aim of the non-profit is t provide relief to communities that has been struck by a disaster. The organization does this by collecting basic necessities and allocating them across the communities that have been struck by a crisis.

Following the Hurricane Harvey, the Austin Disaster Relief Network has been trying to rebuild the Texan community by raising funds to support affected families. The US Money Reserve is also giving its support by donating to the ADRN course. To encourage donation, US Money Reserve is matching every dollar raised, up to $100,000.

According to PR Newswire, the money that will be raised by US Money Reserve will support cases such as emergency shelter, immediate cash needs, spiritual and emotional care.

The US Money Reserve is supporting this course as a way of giving back to its community. Partly because many of its customers were affected by the hurricane and also because some of their employees. This is a big Gesture from a people’s money reserve for the people.

About US Money Reserve

US Reserve was founded some 16 years. over the more than 1 and a half decade that the company has been in existence, it has grown to be one of the leading distributors of US and other foreign government issued gold, platinum and silver.

In those years, the company has satisfactorily served more than 400,000. The company has made such major strides due to quality products and the extensive customer research that is done by their employees on coins.

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Banco Bradesco’s Push Towards Becoming The Largest Private Bank In Brazil Again All Rests On The Input Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

For dominant players in any industry, having the greatest market share is more than just about survival – it is about pride. They all have the desire to be number one. As such, losing the leading spot in the industry to a competitor can quite devastating as it demoralizes a company’s employees and shareholders. In 2009, Banco Bradesco found itself in this spot.

After, having been the biggest private bank in Brazil for close to six decades, it was overtaken overnight by a newly formed bank, Itau Unibanco. Itau Unibanco had come into existence through the merger of smaller banks, Unibanco and Banco Itau. All the stakeholders at Banco Bradesco were in unanimous agreement that their bank needed to retake the leading spot from Itau Unibanco as fast as possible. However, with the bank’s president at the time Marcio Cypriano retiring, the bank’s ability to become first again solely rested on the individual that would be selected to take over the reins. Fortunately, Banco Bradesco made the best possible decision by selecting Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as the bank’s next president. The last seven years of his presidency have shown that he is more than capable of making Banco Bradesco the biggest private bank in the country again.

A look at Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s professional background shows that Banco Bradesco’s decision to appoint him as the president was more of a sure bet than it was a risk. After joining the bank as a clerk in 1969, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi quickly rose up the hierarchy and was eventually called upon to head the bank’s insurance subsidiary, Bradesco Seguros. In six short years, he managed to more than double the insurer’s value thus making it the biggest of its kind in the entire Latin American region. Additionally, he also managed to increase the subsidiary’s impact on the bank’s financials by close to ten percent.

While Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is known for his calm and collected demeanor, he has not hesitated in making shrewd but risky moves that are in the best interest of the company. In 2015, for instance, Banco Bradesco was at the center of the largest financial deal of the year as it purchased HSBC’s Brazilian operation for a figure of $5.2 billion. From this acquisition, Banco Bradesco grew in one deal by as much as it would have in six years if went about it organically. Additionally, the acquisition took the bank beyond Itau Unibanco in the areas of branch network coverage, total investments made and the total number of account holders. Now Banco Bradesco is only left with the areas of total deposits held, the value of the loan book and total assets to its competitor and become the outright leader in the private bank sub-sector.

The HSBC deal was so significant for Banco Bradesco that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was that year named the entrepreneur of the year in the finance category by This is Money. However, that was only one of numerous awards and acknowledgments that he has received over the course of his extensive professional career. While working as the president of the bank’s insurance subsidiary, he was on two different occasions named the insurance personality of the year by Coverage Magazine. In between these two awards, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was also named the business personality of insurance for 2016 by the Association of Marketing Officers of Brazil. Additionally, the highly acclaimed Forbes Magazine included his name in their 2016 list of the best Chief Executive Officers in the South American Country.